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Thread: Jingwu: The School that Transformed Kung Fu by Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo

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    I have aquired a copy of Brian's book and read it quickly, but not enough to do it real justice. I want to say it's another homerun out of the park spectacular hit! But it probably deserves more than that
    Chan Tai San Book at

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    well, like LKFMDC - he's a genuine Kung Fu Hero™
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    As much as I get annoyed when it gets derailed by the array of strange angry people that hover around him like moths, his good posts are some of my favorites.
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    I think he goes into a cave to meditate and recharge his chi...and bite the heads off of bats, of course....

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    Apparently there are two new Jingwu books out, both well timed for Jingwu's 100th anniversary. There's another coming out of the UK, or so my ninjas tell me, and I didn't want there to be any confusion.

    Read Martial Arts of the Jingwu by our own Brian L. Kennedy.
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    Hold the phone...the dark, creepy way I love Gene?!?

    Why lkfmdc? Why?

    I've read this book too and loved it. Once again, Brian and Elizabeth have unearthed a gem from that treasured library of Liu Kang Yi's, translated it to English and put it in a proper historical context. It's the second most important book to come out in 2010 (after mine of course )
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    Hi Gene,
    Well, maybe you, me and Elizabeth can share the Nobel Prize for Martial Arts Literature this year. But remember they only give us 10 minutes for the acceptance speech and we gotta split the 10 minutes three ways so don't go on and on...."I want to thank my parents, my Hakka ancestors, my co-workers, and the members of the Academy...."

    One serious note I would add, the photos in the article are all showing moves from the "+ Shape Form" which is the Northern Shaolin form shown in the Jingwu Anniversary Book.

    take care,

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