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Thread: If anyone cares....UFC 31 results

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    Mr. Nemo Guest

    If anyone cares....UFC 31 results

    These should be right. If there are any errors, let me know, they're not official, just what my IM friends have msgd me...

    Randy Couture def Pedro Rizzo via Unanimous Decision

    Carlos Newton def Pat Miletich via submission (choke)

    Chuck Liddell KO 1 Kevin Randleman (1:18)

    Shonie Carter TKO 3 Matt Serra (4:51)

    Semmy Schilt TKO 2 Pete Williams

    Tony DeSouza def Steve Berger via Decision

    BJ Penn def. Joey Gilbert via referee stoppage - R1

    Matt Lindland def Ricardo Almeida via Disq. - R

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    Tigerstyle Guest
    1 submission
    4 KO/TKO/ref stoppage

    Does that mean the UFC rules don't favor grapplers anymore?

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    In the UFC, what are the reffs considering a TKO?

    It can't be the same as boxing (generally 3 knockdowns in a round). So are they just considering that he would have been knocked out if the figh continued? I've been seeing more and more TKOs in MMA events.


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    Mr. Nemo Guest
    Things listed as TKO's are usually referee stoppages. If the ref sees that one side is clearly striking the snot out of the other, he'll stop the fight. Sometimes they're listed as "referee stoppage from strikes."

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