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Thread: Who's with who?

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    Who's with who?

    Hello, all. New to the board, wanted to say hi. I study 7 star, under Sifu Chuck Perry, who is under Si Gung Raymond Fogg. In Alexandria, Louisiana. Off and on for 16 years. Love 7 Star.

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    Pretty much chop suey from 1974 - 1990, then I joined Wah Lum and studied with Art D`Agostino. I was then handed off to Shifu Sean Cochran and with Chan Pui. Then I left Wah Lum and began my training with Peng Lai under Shifu John Scolaro. My Shifu now is Kevin Brazier. His Shifu is Master Shi Zheng Zhong. Shifu Kevin Brazier will be my last teacher.
    I am still a student practicing - Wang Jie Long

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    Welcome to the board!
    My original kung fu style is Nu Hou Quan which I studied in the late 70's from Leroy Johnson and taught for 30 years.
    I was first introduced to Northern Praying Mantis (WHF) in the middle '80s by Mike Biggie and have trained on and off with him in group and/or private classes since then. I also learned the Wah Lum Little Mantis set.
    Now I teach my own interpretation of Mantis (wuying tanglangquan) in North Canton, Ohio.
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    Originally studied Shaolin Kempo Karate (Villari Flavor) in high school, took a couple years off for college.
    Started studying under Shifu Stanley Tabor in 2002 and have been with him ever since. Originally learning Wah Lum Praying Mantis kung fu, now fully transitioned into Taiji Meihua.

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    welcome to the board Shifudrew
    got my start in hungar by the late master ting fong wong, one of the 10 tigers of Canton in 1981. switched to Okinawn Karate from one of victor vegas top students Leslie Heri and eanred a black belt, then went a praying mantis kung fu seminar hosted by Dean Economus given by my current shifu of ba bu tang lang's shyun kwon long student of Wei Xiao Tung in 1989 and got my arse handed to me with little to no effort and I knew that 8 step would be the system I would do forever and have been teaching it since 1996.

    I recenlty had the pleasure of being invited by Raymond Fogg to attend his seminar and was honner to meet and touch hands with him.
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    Teaching traditional Ba Bu Tang Lang (Eight Step Praying Mantis)
    Jin Gon Tzu Li Gung (Medical) Qigong
    Wu style Taiji Chuan

    Teacher always told his students, "You need to have Wude, patient, tolerance, humble, ..." When he died, his last words to his students was, "Remember that the true meaning of TCMA is fierce, poison, and kill."

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    Yes, Si Gung Fogg is a remarkable man. I don't get the opportunities to train with him as much as I like, due to work schedule, but I take advantage of every chance.
    Am looking forward to spending time with him soon, if not, then by December, when we will all gather to celebrate his birthday. Thank you for the reply.

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