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Thread: KF vs aikido

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    frosh2786 Guest

    KF vs aikido

    if i were to fight a kung fu guy how would our styles compare? i am not by any means looking for a fight. just wondering..i may take kung fu this summer and wanted to know. thank you!

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    Juggler Guest
    What style of Kung Fu are you talking about? There are so many different styles of Kung Fu.

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    ope Guest
    frosh you do aikido? well i did it for some time as well before i took kungfu my school teaches both and i took the aikido first thinken it would be the better art to know plus i saw alot of the kungfu training in that school and i never thought i could handle it.. anyways alot of times i would spare against the kungfu students and it was almost impossible to work the aikido technques on them... my instrucotr would see me having a hard time and he would laugh (also because i was one of his first students since he moved to where i live and he insisted that i do kungfu but i refused..) anyways he eventually mixed the aikido with the kungfu so my fight would be better.. but it still wasnt that great.. so eventually i just switched over to kungfu.. what i can tell you is that its good to know both
    but once you start doin the kungfu and it becomes more natural i think if you got into a situation you would use the kungfu.. espacialy if your fighting a martial artist..
    but fighting a kungfu man, well some one who knows what there doin using aikido would not be very effective...

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    old jong Guest

    Why the "VS"!

    Aikido is a great art with a very deep philosophy but it is not easy and fast to learn.At first it may be effective against lunging attacks when the opponent litteraly throw himself to you!...Not very good against a well rooted kung fu practicionner! Only after some times of serious practice will the aikidoka be really effective at the positive side of aikido witch is entering in the opponent sphere.
    At high level,aikido is as effective as any other martial art.It just takes more times to get there.

    C'est la vie!

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    frosh2786 Guest
    so basically it wouldnt be very effective t all until im like a black belt at least? and opo you fought kf guys and your instructor loaughed at you? how come? i dont know if i could handle kung fu either, i have little endurance.

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    ope Guest
    he laughed because he was trying to convince me that kungfu was a more powerfull art... but i would ignore what he was sayen at first and i did aikido i would tell him i dont wanna do kungfu.. and later when i came into problems with the kungfu students i relised he was right... the endurance for kungfu can seem hard but lemme tell you the hard effort is worth it.. and it is not as hard as it seems as long as you put alot of effort and your mind to it... yes aikido can be very effective against normal people on the street and karate, TKD practioners but fighting a kungfu man would be very difficult.. and aikido was actually made to defeat karate... my suggestion is you try the class you will probly end up liken it.. and my instructor always says even if you do a very powerfull art its always good to experience other arts makes you a better fighter...

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    Wu Wei Guest

    I like em both!

    I haven't actually trained in Aikido but I have always wanted to. I have read up on some aikido philosophies and I sometimes apply them when I am doing things in my kung fu class. I personally would say that Osensei was basically a self instructed king fu master. He trained vigorously as a child but later developed some higher knowledge on the art of neutralizing conflict. I am a mere newborn into martial arts but in 20yrs who knows where I'll be. If I ever get good enough i am going to attempt to base my style on the common threads of Aikido and Kung Fu.

    As for any Vs. questions people have, I would like to offer the idea that their aren't nearly enough high level masters(by this I dont mean the popularized title "master", i mean people who can barely get any better) of any style to actually determine the answers to these questions. :p

    Success is a label made by the insecure.

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    Godzilla Guest

    Try it, you may like it...

    A friend of mine who is a TKD BB fought in a MMA tournament in New York several years ago. Point sparing, not full contact. He felt the KF guys were weak in point sparring. I did not watch the tournament but respect the opinions of my friend.

    He said they did not enter, did not retreat just used all sorts of wavy hand motions. He felt they learned nothing for the time and effort they spent.

    I do not agree or disagree with his opinion. But I can say that learning more than one MA is a good idea. I study TKD (BB) and Aikido (WB). Some of the weaknesses of one are covered by the other. Even combined, I think there will be many weaknesses. I believe its all about who can control the fight. Point sparring is TKD’s game – maybe that’s why the KF guys did so poorly.


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    ope Guest
    Godzilla this is true a kungfu man could be weak in point fight because we dont practice to fight like that when we fight we have to flow before the fight starts its finished... and to actually point fight you have to practice for it.. we do participate in some kungfu tournaments but the sparring is not for points like karate.. more or less you get points like boxing.. that way the flow of the fight isnt stoped.. and i think training for point fights is bad.. because if you get into a real fight and you are accustom to stop on the first hit.. that could cause trouble... and it also teaches people to hold back to much..

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    Godzilla Guest

    ope, I agree!

    I have no KF experience other than a Chin Na class with Dr. Yang. It was great and got me to this forum to learn about and discuss KF in more depth. KF seems to offer so much! I will continue with my current arts but will always look forward to KF when the time comes to choose something new.


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    Spaz Guest
    I do Chin-Na within my kung fu school, and its great, i was originaly goin to take Aikido until i found out there was a Kung Fu school in my area. But i would have to say that its hard to apply those techniques in a fight(at first), there great if u do apply them,, but its good to know how to defend urself in other ways(suck as kicking,and other various strikes, not really taught in Aikido) it is an exellent art, but is more effective if crosstrained.

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