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Thread: Shuai Chiao for mma

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    Shuai Chiao for mma

    I'm curious if anyone here has trained in shuai chiao and if so which lineage they would recommend for somebody looking to supplement their mma training.

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    I have kinda wondered about the same thing, I'm guessing it would be great for mma its just so rare is why we haven't seen it more is what I'm guessing, I have always wanted to study it!! Namean

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    what the fuk is a shuai chiao? speak proper chinese whitey. show some respect.
    *rubs testicles

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    Well i've fought sanshou before as well as mma. I have a background in cma and do bjj and a little judo but have an interest in shuai chiao.

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    SC won't be good for MMA.
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