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Thread: Kung fu schools china

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokhopkuen View Post
    In China and other parts of the world the best gung fu is hidden.
    No advertisement, no sign out front, no website and no magazine ad.
    You find them through luck and blessed chance association.
    Yeah I've realized that and that was one of the reasons for setting up the site because I know there are some great masters out there and if a person finds one they can simply add them to the list so others can possibly train with them.

    Some of the kung fu schools in China had to shut down because of various reasons and often the students go off and train with those masters and that shouldn't be the end of it. I want to open up China so finding good schools and masters are very accessible.

    So if you know of any in China, it's really helpful to everyone if you can add yours. Also reviews are great. I've linked out to some places where people have reviewed some of the schools so that people know what they are getting into before laying down hard earned money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragkin View Post
    Pretty handy page - definitely something to develop. Check out for a Chinese list of schools/teachers in China. Some provinces are much more developed in terms of listing our teachers than others - but still a pretty good page to check out if someone is looking for some teachers in their area.
    Thanks!! That's really helpful, I will peruse through that site. Thanks for providing it.

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