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Thread: The BOKKEN

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    Son_Goku Guest

    The BOKKEN

    For the past six or seven years, I have had a bokken that I received from my uncle, who, actually, is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and now is starting the Sounthern style of the Praying Mantis Kungfu.
    I have practiced and practiced with the black wooden ninja training sword, but I could never really get the hang of the traditional ten - string combos and all of the extra - long move chains, but I could come up with harder things off of my head.
    I recently found a book, simply called, "BOKKEN", and I am wondering if anyone out there has read it. If so, is it a good, and worth - buying book?

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    honorisc Guest
    If it's by Dave Lowrey~ it's good.

    That sword is not for that book. A ninjatype sword uses different techniques than a samurai primary type sword or a straight type sword. Possiblly, some might say.

    Very some such, perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    shaolinboxer Guest

    Could be good

    I don't really know if that specific book is any good ofcourse, but as long as it can help youwith basic footwork, posture, cutting methods, etc. it should be fine. There are other books out there if you are interested in looking deeper. Try looking for Shinkage Ryu, a classic style that has a fwe books available in english. I am studying the Yagyu style of Shinkage Ryu these days. To really dig into the kata, you'll need a partner (it's sorta like one step sparring in karate).

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    samurai Guest
    I agree about the Ninja-To (shortern Ninja-style sword) is not the same as the Katana (typical Samurai sword).

    Stephen K. Hayes has a book called "The Mystic Arts of the Ninja : Hypnotism, Invisibility, and Weaponry". It retails for $12.95 at

    In this book Hayes gives some good information that directly relates to the Ninja-to.

    Jeremy Bays

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