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Thread: MA in SA...

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    MA in SA...

    Howdy KFM.
    Im back in san antonio, and it seems that the martial arts landscape has changed pretty drastically over the almost 10 years I have been gone.
    (Surprised to see many familiar names still arguing over the inarguable here as well )

    Anyhow.... Im back in San Antonio, trying to find somewhere worth while to train. My former sifu apparently still does very little work with small groups, but its hard to get the dynamics Im looking for with a group of older dudes...
    There are quite a few reputable BJJ Gyms, and of course plenty of McDojos, but Im trying to put my finger on some good muay thai, but as of yet I cant find anything legit.
    Seems almost like MA gyms in san antonio are behind the curve and havent quite figured out how to advertise online yet....
    BJJ is my first choice and I know where to train, but Im still working out a nasty shoulder injury that cant handle being tugged on.... so muay thai it is for now.

    Anyhow, Im open to suggestions.
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    My god only have a half a billion choices in austin.,0.479965&z=11

    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    I'd recommend letter J from Dj's post above....step! Pretty good mix of stuff right there...step!!

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