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Thread: Green Dragon Studios

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    Hi, Billy.
    Yeah, don't think I'd go beach timeshares with Rogan, either. When talking about the applicability of arts, whether it's WC or something from GD, questions have to be asked.
    No question, you have to know what you're training for, another gripe I have with my first school – Is it an art, a sport, exercise, self-defense, battlefield combat? We've all encountered schools that claim to be all of these. To my mind, a baseball bat is a great weapon for self-defense, simple, don't have to load it, multiple hitting surfaces. But you won't learn to fight with one in a streetfight, by playing baseball. A lot of traditional training seems to have you running the bases, rather than, say, hitting a heavy bag with the bat.
    No question, the ring is good for showing a lot of stuff, but even the Octagon allows stuff that wouldn't fly in the real world, like chasing someone on your butt because you want to grapple, not stand up with them. Or planning to wear someone down over ten minutes. Or just punching them repeatedly in the head, with your fist.

    I also don't think we can generalize, but so much, about WC, or really any art. How many WC federations are there, now? My first school was Yuen Kay San (sp?), and they told us that Yip Man was a conniving cheat who got thrown out of the system, and if we ever encountered Yip Man people we'd beat them so bad we'd change their past. Charles Chi had learned from from Yip Man people, and I'm fully confident that he'd beat my first teacher so bad his dog back home would drop a turd in the shape of a praying Jesus.
    You can't talk about WC or whatever like you'd say '10cc of pennicillin,' it always comes back to the person doing it. See also, systems of strength training, of massage, of acupuncture, all of which I do professionally, all of which I've observed a myriad of permutations in students of the same teacher. There’s probably guys out there who do WC in a manner I’d think of overly stiff, but they succeed by running up on people with the chain punch and have learned or intuited how to deal with the defenses coming in.
    Chi's observation that WC was lacking strength and power was not a little transgressive, itself. His WC 'was not of the mainstream,' as they say in the movies, but at the end of the day, I'm not the member of the WC Clan, or any clan, I'm a guy who's genetically better suited to be a poet than a hand-to-hand fighter, who doesn't want to just roll over in a physical confrontation.

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    Good Gosh!

    What is with you mid lifers? Is Andro on pause?

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    Are you the Mickey on IGX?
    Just asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -N- View Post
    Unless you have adopted maneuver warfare.

    What's old is new again. Good enough for the US military.

    attrition warfare - size and strength
    maneuver warfare - training and technical skills
    Nice catch. Knowing him for as long as I have, I understand what he means.

    For most of us, both matter.

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    Well I sure hope you stick around and add Cat.


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    Hi CatBrother,

    No, I am not.

    What in the world is IGX?

    Nevermind, found it: IronGamex.

    Not a member there.

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    Sorry for the thread necro.

    came across it as an old thread I had posted on and was re-reading through it.

    found out that Sifu Allen passed last year.
    "God gave you a brain, and it annoys Him greatly when you choose not to use it."

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    Firstly, never apologize for a thread necro, Kevin73

    Secondly, we did post a thread on Allen Sifu when we heard news: Sifu-John-Allen-(1939-2020)-Rest-In-Peace
    Gene Ching
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    Secondly, we did post a thread on Allen Sifu when we heard news: Sifu-John-Allen-(1939-2020)-Rest-In-Peace
    I remember the Intros to his video tapes were always entertaining. Before YouTube existed, his videos were the only way to easily see some forms. I always wondered about that White Lotus Kung Fu described as follows:

    "White Lotus Combined System is a blend of N. & S. 5-Animal Shaolin family material representing 30+ different styles from every area of China - not to be confused with the single style of that name or individual schools or the society of that name."

    Is this the same system created by Douglas Wong who also combined "styles from every area of China" that had passed though the Los Angeles area, and called it White Lotus?

    ...and please lets not rehash WHY anyone would choose the name White Lotus. There's are other threads full of that!

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