I apologise for this being my first thread without a introduction, I promise this wont be my last. Anyway, I want to train in shaolin kung fu in China in the next 6-8 months and wondered if anyone had been to any schools and could recommend some decent ones. I been researching countless times on anything I can get regarding the best school. Im looking for a school where you live there and train 5 times a week where its intense and really difficult. The best ones I found so far are

Kunyu mountain shoalin academy
(has some good reviews on it and articles)

(This one seemed to be copy and pasted from the website above but had the same master as the other and looked good also)

(This one looked good too)

Anyone been/have any reviews on these schools? I come from UK so making the right choice is really important for me and im finding it difficult to find the best one. Also if you been to/suggest other good schools in china please let me know