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Thread: Training at Shaolin

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    Training at Shaolin

    Hi All,

    I have trained at Tagou several times but heard recently they are not taking any foreign students. Can anyone confirm this or not.

    I have been advised to try the Shaolin Temple Wushu Training Center. I would be grateful if anyone could comment on the training and facilities there.

    any views or experiences would be helpful.

    best wishes,


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    If your reffering to the wushu guan just down from the temple, was there a while back and we had a great stay...

    Speaking of which - I just got the news today, and this is a while off I know, but I am so pumped!

    Going to be heading off with my master in sept 2012 for a training trip to Wudang excited

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    Hey Packard,

    I'm a Dengfeng regular. Saw some foreigners from Tagou a few weeks ago in Deng Feng and I haven't heard anything about them not accepting foreigners. When did you hear that? I don't think thats possible.

    But if it is true, Then Wushu Guan, Epo Wu xiao and Shaolin Yan jiu yuan (called shaolin temple school in english) are all good alternatives.

    Depends if you want to stay in DengFeng or in the mountains.

    They are all fairly similar from what I hear. So if thats what your looking for any of the three above are a fair choice.

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    It's been way to long since I've been there to offer an opinion

    However, given Taguo's magnitude, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't open to foreigners.

    I've formally only trained at three schools: the Shaolin Temple Wushuguan, Chen Tongshan's school, and my master Shi Decheng's school. They were all satisfactory for me.
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    Thanks all for your responses. I have since been in touch with Tagou and all booked up. funny things rumours!!!

    Best wishes,


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