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Thread: qingdao/yantai shout out

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    qingdao/yantai shout out

    hello everyone,

    my 'kungfu nephew' will be visiting qingdao and yantai in the next few days and is interested in getting together with other mantis enthusiasts that may be in the neighbourhood.

    if anyone is there u can call him directly at 13265460057 to organize your time. his name is matt and he is from canada.



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    Hey all, this is the aforementioned Matt - I just got acceess to post on the forums here. I'll be in the Qingdao/Yantai regions until the 21st, so if anyone would like to spend a few hours doing some training (or has any place to recommend I head to) I'd be most thankful. Always looking to acrquire new tang lang quan knowledge! You can reply to this thread if you would prefer that to emailing, I will check it as often as possible.

    - Matt

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