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One of the four legends of Wang Lang associates him with a historical former Ming Dynasty General named 于孟禧 Yu Mengxi who is commonly known as 于七 Yu Qi (Yu 7) as he was the 7th child born in his family but the first born male.
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Since that time I have found more information.
Wang Lang is not Yuqi, but there was a confusion about who these two people were so they have been mixed up.

The Chinese article is trying to make a case that Wang Lang is related to General Qi Jiguang, the most famous and arguable important military general of the Ming. Made the more famous by his having achieved tremendous success against piracy in the 1550's as well as writing a book about how he did it.

This sort of pseudo history is harmful. Trying to elevate your own family tradition by cobbling together bits of folklore and history and hoping the readers don't look to closely.

On a side note, many generals who didn't surrender to the Manchurian army settled in Tainan (the city where I live). There are still many temples praising the work of Koxinga and his removal of the Dutch from this city. Taiwan and especially the city of Tainan was the last holdout of the Ming Dynasty.