Anyone here remember Alpha Dog? I found the movie pretty entertaining and wanted to ask 2 questions about the film. I know I'm several years late in asking, but it just dawned on me to post these questions here.

1.Fernando Vargas played a role in the movie of one of Emile Hirsch's friends. It was weird that he was only in that movie and hasn't played a significant role in any other films. Since he was a boxer by trade, I thought he might be trying to start a career in acting when he played the role in alpha Dog, but I never saw him in anything else after that. Does anyone know the story behind him getting the role in Alpha Dog?

2.Ben Foster had a pretty amazing fight scene in the movie for someone who's not known as a martial artist of action star. I was telling a guy at work that he had to have been practicing martial arts as a hobby for a few years to pull that scene off so convincingly, while my coworker maintains that he just probably did a little martial arts training for the film. Anyone know the story behind Ben Foster and that scene? Was he an accomplished martial artist already by the time he did the film, or was all that just fight choreography anyone could pull off?