This is on Netflix and is surprisingly good.

The story revolves a transfer student (circa 1978)at a particularly harsh school that is run by two small gangs. Both leaders are the best two fighters in the school. The transfer student befriends one of them.

This movie is a bit different than most when it comes to fight scenes and I wouldn't necessarily call it at martial arts movie, although there is some in it. They went for a more realistic approach to fights. Large brawls, lots of sloppy stand up exchanges where they're swinging for thr fences. As for the JKD, it really only comes into play the last 30 minutes where they essentially recreate a classic Bruce lee scene, except more realistically and way more awesome. Of course this IS a Korean movie so naturally everyone in Korea can kick like tony jaa.

There's a love story that is involved, but they don't fall into typical clichés.

The end of the movie is fantastic. If you haven't seen it it is worth the time investment.