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Thread: how did you find the "right" style for you?

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    For many, it can take a while to find "the one" that is the art that either is their sole art, or their specialization. Also, if your goal is to learn about combat, IMO it's necessary to at least have had exposure to other systems' practitioners at some level, either through training with them, or getting together and having exchanges. It isn't always that one wants to 'jump ship'.

    Some people marry their first high school sweetheart and live happily their whole lives together into old age. Others need to date or marry several people to find the right one. Many simply enjoy the process.

    What matters is that you're able to develop properly to achieve your goals.

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    Yep, it is a good idea to shop around first. This enables us to compare styles as well as get to know ourself. At the end of the day, we need to answer questions like:

    Is my physique fits the requirements of the style?

    Are the style's theories and techniques my cup of tea?

    Does the style meet my training goals?


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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    The day when I realized that

    - TKD roundhouse kick is faster and more detail than longfist roundhouse kick, I switch my longfist roundhouse kick to TKD roundhouse kick.
    - MT roundhouse kick is more powerful than TKD roundhouse kick, I switch my TKD roundhouse kick to MT roundhouse kick.

    After that experience, I only look for the most effective way to train. The word "style" no longer have any meaning to me.
    If this was true, how many of you would be practicing TCMA today with no evidence of efficacy?
    Originally Posted by Knifefighter
    Really? That's real Kung Fu?
    If so, I take back every negative thing I ever said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knifefighter View Post
    Specialed you do have a point there.

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