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    Chicago News...

    If you keep your ear to the ground you'll hear that...

    Brian Snapp's Green Mountain Martial Arts at is planning to bring Paul Whitrod over in June for his first trip to the states. I'm gonna try to get an interview with Brian, and later Paul over at WLUW-FM. I think his style is Chow Gar Gao Tong Long.
    I was on the metro earlier, deep in meditation, when a ruffian came over and started causing trouble. He started pushing me with his bag, steadily increasing the force until it became very annoying. When I turned to him, before I could ask him to stop, he immediately started hurling abuse like a scoundrel. I performed a basic chin na - carotid artery strike combination and sent him to sleep. The rest of my journey was very peaceful, and passersby hailed me as a hero - Warrior Man

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