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Thread: Buddha hand snake crane wing chun

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    A lot better than you can write it
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    It's the Buddha Palm incorporation in the style Yassar has shown that is of interest to me, where did this originate, lineage? Buddhist/Shaolin? Speculative rant not what I'm looking for.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Vajramusti View Post
    Hi Yasser-I try not to commnet on what I dont know. I paid attention to what you were doing
    and got a some sense for what you were doing.I don't know yet how you get power and acceleration in the motions.

    I am fairly deeply immersed in perspectives from a particular Ip Man lineage so my comments
    may not be useful tp practitioners of your version.

    You do Yang taichi and southern mantis.? What kind pf mantis. A now deceased friend was in tong long among other things (Sifu Gin Foon MarK)a nd I had a little sense of that version.

    Good wishes

    The power and acceleration comes from the structure. The body structure is very important and its done this way:

    Hips tucked in as if you are about to sit,back straight but the upper back hunched which 'caves in ' the chest,shoulders open and relaxed and can be extended as long as they are within and along the central line.
    The feet 'claw the ground and there is a fist distance between the knees (Kim Sut).

    The Forms train the underlying principles but concentrate more on the structure .The whole point of Form training is to entrain the structure of the system within the practitioners body as seamlessly as possible.You will NOT use the goat clamping stance or the turning stance in actual combat as it is not possible,you will however try and replicate the body connections and the usage of ground energy that is learnt through Form practice as best as you can in an actual conflict,how well you use and apply is directly proportional to how well and how correctly you have trained.

    There is a separate set devoted exclusively to combat footwork.

    I see a lot of pointless argument about the form I have shown,it was never important to me while I was learning it if it was "original/lost/secret/origins etc etc.

    Please view it as an expression and part of the vastness and richness of the Wing Chun art that you all so dearly practice.Its nothing more,nothing less.

    The name also may be a tribute to the origins of my grand Sigungs learnings and could be his homage to his teachers as well as a way of identifying his unique signature of Wing Chun.That is my speculation.

    Mr Chaudhry,

    I train in the 'Old' Yang Style of Taiji as taught by the late Sifu Erle Montaigue,and hold the 6th Generation Lineage of a system of Southern Praying Mantis that was taught by Sifu K.S.Hsuing in Calcutta's Chinatown.My Pai predates the more known Jook Lum/Chu /Chow/Iron Ox schools.

    Some Quotes from my Sifu (I find these applicable to most MA now):

    'Wing Chun was not meant for the masses,now that the masses have gotten a hold of it,the style has become a fishmarket!'

    'There are more Masters in Wing Chun now than there are practitioners!'

    "As long as the underlying Principles are present,Wing Chun is 'there',it does not matter 'how' the choreography looks,or whether someone has learnt the system as separate San Sik/3 forms/10 forms/ 1 long form.As WC is a diverse set of principles its natural that each will apply and focus on principles that will suit them,thus the difference in choreography etc".

    'Wing Chun Politicians will do very well in running a country!'

    Ruminate on these words,there is wisdom behind the sarcasm.
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    The "Old" Yang style of Taiji
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