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Thread: Got my Shuai Jiao Black Belt

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    Got my Shuai Jiao Black Belt

    Got my Shuai jiao Black belt last week,from Yao Hongang my coach and good friend. Pro fighter, former Legends champion,international shuai jiao champion,and soon to be the second chinese ufc fighter.

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    Awesome! Way to GO!!!


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    Congratulation! Will it be OK to share your black belt testing requirement?

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    thanks. basically about three years ago before i moved from beijing to shenzhen,me and yao had a class together, i was his top student and assistant instructor. at that time he mentioned i am at about a brown belt level,and within a years time i will be at black belt level. well shortly after i moved to shenzhen.

    while in shenzhen,i was forced to teach a few martial arts buddies and train with them, seek out some local judo clubs to maintain what i had learned. there is really no shuai jiao out here in shenzhen. and from what i hear the hong kong shuai jiao isn't very good.

    recently yao came to shenzhen for about two months, and we met up four days a week and trained. we trained our basics,throws solo drills some belt cracking ,nothing too fancy, yao has taught me just about everything he knows in shuai jiao.

    we spared every class,mostly[qiang shou]grip sparring, cause we are both recovering from knee surgery. sometime yao would throw me,but i wouldn't attempt any throws on him cause his recovery is still in the early stages. the second to last day before he left shenzhen,he had one of his hong kong student come down to train and have a little match. the next day he awarded me my black belt.
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    Well that is totally wiz cool!!!!!


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    thanks mr brown.

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    congratulations young man. now its time to begin to learn
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    Congratulations man!
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    This is 100% TCMA principle. It may be used in non-TCMA also. Since I did learn it from TCMA, I have to say it's TCMA principle.
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    We should not use "TCMA is more than combat" as excuse for not "evolving".

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    Congratulations on your promotion to Black Belt!
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    Congrats, when are you gonna take up a REAL MA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthDragon View Post
    congratulations young man. now its time to begin to learn
    i don't know how young 42 is

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    Congrats! Now, you must consider what sanjuro said - take up a real ma. Perhaps you can find a decent shaolin do school in China...
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    i did i found a new teacher a while back,the old one wasn't too bad . he taught me some good rutines basics and forms. but yeah that school was a bit commercial.

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    Hey congrats!
    Good for you man!
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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