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Thread: Parying Mantis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellen Bassette View Post
    I don't study Mantis, but I've adopted the mantis hooks for entering the Thai clinch. They work well even with boxing gloves, the hand shape may not be exatcly the same but the concept is.
    We use the Mantis hooking for momentary control on our way in to attack. The shorter the contact time, the better.

    We teach our students to use the glove to do the hooking.

    This is similar to using the pommel of a sword or the exposed butt end of the short stick.

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    1. I learned praying mantis at first.
    I was fast with both hand and leg moves.However, my root structures were loose.
    2 . I was directed to learn Ba Ji and Tong bei.
    Ba Ji for good foundation with stepping and rooting.
    Tong bei for fast and flexible whole arms movement and fast stepping methods.
    3. I came back to praying mantis.
    My mantis was influenced strongly by Ba Ji and Tong bei.
    This is why I was lucky to find 8 step it incorporates all the above it was IMHO what was missing in mantis hence 8 step hybrid that works very well.

    YKW, I love that statement WYSIWYG LOL
    Teaching traditional Ba Bu Tang Lang (Eight Step Praying Mantis)
    Jin Gon Tzu Li Gung (Medical) Qigong
    Wu style Taiji Chuan

    Teacher always told his students, "You need to have Wude, patient, tolerance, humble, ..." When he died, his last words to his students was, "Remember that the true meaning of TCMA is fierce, poison, and kill."

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