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Thread: Okinawa

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    also the miagyi family is still in Okinawa so look up Go Jyu Ryu its based off kung fus white crane
    Teaching traditional Ba Bu Tang Lang (Eight Step Praying Mantis)
    Jin Gon Tzu Li Gung (Medical) Qigong
    Wu style Taiji Chuan

    Teacher always told his students, "You need to have Wude, patient, tolerance, humble, ..." When he died, his last words to his students was, "Remember that the true meaning of TCMA is fierce, poison, and kill."

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    Okinawa Wing Chun Kung Fu

    Just adding to this thread on the off chance someone is still looking for Kung Fu in Okinawa.

    We have an Applied Wing Chun Kung Fu School here in Okinawa.

    The website is:




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