This is a great reason to use thai pads over focus mitts. In your situation repetitive impact trauma would be greater with the lever of the impact point of focus mitts on your elbow vs. having the entire forearm covered.
Yep, i get the striker to hit towards the base of the pad (closer to the elbow) to decrease the leverage aspect which is a problem with mitts

"a better fit for WC"

Why can people not see training methods and value inherently and have to tack on what is and is not appropriate for WCK?
I never said i dont use mitts, but that my preference is for thai pads with WC. On top of the reasons Guy gave i can also elbow, knee and kick them which isnt so easy with mitts and, FWIW, i can do most things on the pads i can do on mitts but not quite as qucick though its never been a problem to date.

That's a completely false statement. Each target - thai pads or focus mitts are specifically engineered to develop different characteristics. They do overlap a bit. Use the proper thing to develop the attribute you want. Stop generalizing "for all WCK".
True, and its the characterstics developed on Thai Pads that i prefer to those on the mitts for a WCer