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Thread: Morning exercise, how long, what to train

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    Quote Originally Posted by YinOrYan View Post
    If the "rebuke" method works for you than you should try some mantras or prayers, like is done with rosaries or Buddha-beads. They are even good for more mundane things like blotting out a song that may get stuck in your head...
    some people were talking about stuff like that here
    they said to play the diamond sutra and things like that ~

    most if not all religions complicate things for me and I don't want anything to do with them ~ I can grasp the concept of being good and not being evil ~ because I tend to understand simple things ~ If read any scriptures or listen to anyone preach or get near a church or anything like that it poisons the whole situation for me ~ I will only see an evil cult that I don't want anything to do with

    silence is the best medicine for me ~ I just do bagua and study mandarin language ~ I silently chant a lot of mandarin ~ the beads are just about good and evil to me ~ nothing more complicated than that ~ very simple ~ every time I try to read the I Ching I need a dictionary because people use new complicated words to say simple things ~ I look up a big complicated word to find a couple of simple words as the definition ~why didn't they just use the simple words ? ~ I like simplicity and I don't want to expand my vocabulary ~ it's not necessary to complicate things .

    praying works for stuff besides the lottery ~ sometimes you have to be pretty specific ~ the hard part is figuring out who or what to pray to

    Quote Originally Posted by rett2 View Post
    That sounds tough. I'm glad rebuking it worked. That's the advice some of my born-again relatives would have given.
    I'm not a Christian ~ I was at one time but I found it to be an evil cult so I got away from it ~ so maybe there was a guy who was jesus that was good and not evil

    but I find the christian god to be evil and I find the bible to be evil ~ it's just simplicity that works for me ~ it's either good or evil ~ anything else is too complicated for me to understand ~ I believe there are a lot of good people ~ jesus was just one of them

    if he has power over evil demons I will be happy to have him on my side
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