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Thread: Shaolin sparring game

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    Shaolin sparring game

    anyone every play this game my teacher showed me it a few weeks ago, when another student joined our private class, you both stand in a right foot forward horse stance, right feet are touching the sides of each others. you are handling hands in a tight handshake and cant move you feet try to pull the guy out of his stance.

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    Yes we use it often to train and illustrate root and center.

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    I've played that game in nearly every martial art I've studied seriously.

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    I first played that game on the elementary school yard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    AND, yea, a good bit of it is about whether you can fight with what you know...kinda all of it is about that.

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    it is funny you say that ,I vaguely remember that too, nevertheless, good training tool. there was another drill my teacher briefly showed me, no to clear on it but goes something like this. you both stand I some kind of modified front stances I believe, and I think it was touch wrists, then begin to attempt to grab each others wrist and pull each other out of the stance, whenever grabbed you are doing little circles training to break the grab. so you are fighting e first grab and when achieved pulling to break one's stance. and there are different levels of this ,but my teacher always breezes through the contact stuff for some reason leaving me scratching my head.

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    Used to do similar things on a long narrow bench a couple feet off the ground, an additional element that challenges balance much more because the bench would also wobble a bit as you struggle.

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    I wont be trying that one anytime soon after having reconstructive knee surgery in china over a year ago,

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