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Thread: Is Gongfu Dead???

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    - "combat", we will need to change our training and develop one skill after another.

    1. train a technique (for example a toe push kick to the chest).
    2. enhance it (how to make your kick fast and strong).
    3. counter it (arm block, leg block, move back, ...).
    4. counter the counters (use your kick to set up your punch).
    5. ...

    If we say that "change" is good, at the same time we also say that "no change" is necessary, we won't be able to have any meaningful discussion here.
    That IS the traditional way. Maybe some people need to change back.

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    TCMA will be around as long as there is a pair of chopsticks and some noodles to lock onto.
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