Information stemming from the King Mui lineages claim that Chan Heung sent Cheung Hung Sing to the city of Fut San in 1867 to become Chan Din Yuen’s successor because he went blind and could no longer teach. However, this claim is completely misleading. Why, you ask? Simply, because allegedly, Chan Din Yuen didn’t go blind until 1875. So, how could Cheung Hung Sing become the successor of this “Great Sage” Hung Sing Kwoon in 1867 when Chan Din Yuen still had full function of his eyes in 1867? Does that make sense? Taking over a school of a teacher who went blind, but didn’t actually lose his sight until 8 years after Cheung Hung Sing’s return to Fut San?! That sounds really fishy if you ask me.

In the history of Fut San, Cheung Hung Sing’s Hung Sing Kwoon is the only one mentioned over and over. Now, I’ve yet to find evidence that the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon of today was ever a studio teaching Chan Heung’s Choy Lee Fut under the Fut San Great Sage School 佛山洪圣馆 prior to Cheung Hung Sing using the location for his school. The King Mui’s account says Cheung Hung Sing removed the Hung Sing 洪圣 name of Chan Din Yuen and replaced it with his own Hung Sing 鴻勝 name. If you think about it, if Cheung Hung Sing was sent to be Chan Din Yuen’s successor then there would be absolutely no reason for Cheung Hung Sing to remove the schools original name and replace it with his own. I mean, you just step up and keep it running under the same name. However to me, if that is what Cheung Hung Sing did, it tells me that the Great Sage School no longer existed and it was now his Great Victory School.

Furthermore, the Great Sage Hung Sing under Chan Din Yuen was allegedly established in 1848 and Cheung Hung Sing began teaching in Fut San in 1849. If this is true, then why is Cheung Hung Sing the only one mentioned as the primary Choy Lee Fut school in the history of Fut San?

To conclude, the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon dismisses the claim of Cheung Hung Sing being the successor of Chan Din Yuen’s Great Sage School, nor has it ever made it into our history. Sure, Cheung Hung Sing may have taken over the physical location of what “might have been” a school once owned by Chan Din Yuen but he was never his successor. Anything to the contrary is purposely misleading the public in my opinion.