ATTN: Gene - Founder Hao Lianru 150th birthday celebration

Hello fellow brothers and sisters,

An updated schedule has just been posted for the upcoming 2015 China trip where we will celebrate the 150th birthday of the founder of the Hao family system Supreme ultimate plum blossom mantis boxing (郝家门太极梅花螳螂拳 hao jia men taiji meihua tanglang quan) Founding Master Hao Lianru (郝莲茹师祖).

You can find the updated schedule on Master Sun Deyao’s website. He is the great grandson of Master Hao Lianru and the host of the event.

ATTN Gene:
Master Sun has considered a Kung Fu magazine article about the event and the trip. Is this something Kung Fu magazine would like to see?

If you would like to learn more about the Hao family’s Plum blossom mantis boxing please visit:

To keep up to date with the latest information about the Hao family and Master Sun Deyao please subscribe to the Facebook page of Master Sun at:

Master Sun is actively accepting new teachers and students who would like to incorporate the Hao family Mantis boxing curriculum in their schools. If you are interested in joining Master Sun’s International Supreme Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing Federation please let Master Sun know when you come over for a seminar.

If you would like to schedule a seminar with Master Sun please visit the contact page at:

Warm regards,
Darin / Maofei

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