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Thread: Preacher on AMC

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    Preacher on AMC

    Anyone else keeping an eye out for this?

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    Thank you for the heads up. Looks like it will be good. I am afraid I have not been up to date with comics since I was 13. I Did give a few hundred to my son.Early 80's stuff. No comic code new series, etc. I have no idea what they are valued at. I told him do whatever you want with them.

    Now, Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun together. This could get real interesting. Cooper's acting abilities in The Devils Double was seond to none. ( Okay, Robert Shaw as Quint is still the greatest as far as I am concernd.) And Gilguns potrayal in Lockout. He almost stole the show but Guy Peirce was great too for such a fun film.

    Anyway, this looks to be very good and I appreciate it the notice.


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