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Thread: Half Hillock, Half Crane

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    Half Hillock, Half Crane

    Ban Qiu Ban Bai He Quan - Can anybody tell me something about this style? It is from Taiwan and there should be a form called Neixi (inside knee).

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    Awesome, thank you!

    So it is from Fuan County in Ningde. This looks a lot like Karate's Naihanchi/Tekki.

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    No Problem. Always happy to help if I can. I cannot talk about a possible Naihanchi / Crane connection though. My White Crane is different.

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    I wonder where the hill half comes from. Might it be Jishan Quan which developed into Fujian (Tiger Respect) HuZun Quan?

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    If the assumption of my last post was correct, then Half Hill Half Crane would be an early stage of Half Tiger Half Crane. Sounds familiar. That would be cool.

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