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Thread: Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun Announcement

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    Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun Announcement

    *** Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun announcement ***

    Information has arisen that Mr. Stark Daniel stole the Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun logo with Chinese characters removed and registered in United States without any consent.

    This action,a crude violation of martial arts ethics and morality, led to decision to cut all connection to Mr. Daniel Stark.

    From (7th Apr 2016), the name of Mr. Stark Daniel is removed from the Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun descendant's list and he is no longer a member of SCWCM. In the future all his activities will have no connection to Snake Crane Wng Chun Mun family from Hong Kong. List of official representatives and disciples can be found on the official website and Blog:

    Official representative list:

    Disciple list :

    SCWC Blog:

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    I know I'm not really qualified to comment on this, but isn't this something that could've been done in private without a big announcement? :S

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    I heard Wayne Yung demanded lots of $$$ so he went his own way

    Unfortunately @ this time

    Wayne Yung's unacceptable behavior has caused the US chapter to go our own way!! The US Chapter saw this coming from the way Sifu Wayne Yung has treated others in the past!!

    The US Chapter was prepared developing relationships with students of Law Sifu's & other SCWC practitioners Sifu Wayne Yung does not wish people to know about. We will keep you informed on the Latest News with Sifu Mok Wai Keung who explained Wayne was his intepeture who stole the information on Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun!!!!

    Due to the fact that Wayne Yung respected my background as a long time Martial Artist/Wing Chun practitioner he requested I move to Hong Kong and help open up a club. Although it would have been fun I couldn't relocate but "per his request" I did open the first Sae Hok Wing Chun school in the USA and was going. to help spread Sifu Wayne Yung's art in the USA by opening other locations. I also was the main forum moderator for a number of online Sae Hok FB Groups. During this time, the name Sae Hok Wing Chun started to get more popular around the internet. More people started visiting Sifu Wayne Yung and Sifu Wayne Yung's ego started to blow up to say the least.

    Wayne Yung became 'ambitious' about opening satellite locations anywhere and everywhere, and if by some chance your work or family or regular life becomes hectic, you may get the phone call I got which was; Sifu Wayne Yung yelling and screaming on the other end of the phone. Another memorable phone call was when he stated; How much he should charge me for teaching his system? The focus was clear. Qian '$$$' or Money in English! It was sad to see but not uncommon.

    None of this kept me from staying focused on my promise to Wayne Yung which was to help spread the Law family art in the USA and promote the teaching of Wayne Yung. So one of the first things anyone would do is protect my Sifu's art in the USA so he could be the dominant Sae Hok Wing Chun Organization. I trademarked the Logo with desire to protect both his and my future in the art. This was a gift to my new Sifu Mok Wai Keung The USA is a huge Wing Chun market and I have faith his teaching will spread across our country, however because of Waynes behavior I had to find another Sifu in the Sae Hok lineage.

    I want to say this; Wayne Yung is a huge disappointment. Have you ever noticed he is constantly in the middle of nonsense and drama. Constantly! There is a reason for this. He thinks he looks strong or macho but doesn't realize he acts like a child. Constant drama but then tries to act all holy. Poor Wayne. Everyone always doing something bad according to him! Well, maybe the common denominator in all this nonsense is staring at us and his name is Wayne!

    Not long ago a noted Choy Li Fut school challenged Sifu Wayne's School because he publicly humiliated them. Did Wayne accept? Of course not he is a fraud who stole Sifu Mok Wai Keung's information on Snake Crane Wing Chun! The above are just a few examples of not only his behavior but unscrupulous actions from my time with Sifu Wayne Yung

    Let me share this fine memory. I once "Liked" something on Facebook. Wayne Yung contacted me and requested I remove the Like. I told him, Ok. I'll remove it but because I didn't remove it quick enough he stated: I should go my own way. I liked the Toronto Snake Crane Page John Mark NG from Singapore Snake Crane Wing Chun showed me how to remove the Like. This is why Wayne Yung's open letter to me is funny. He already boot me for not removing a Like on FB! Drama Drama Drama.......

    Since this is my departing letter from Wayne Yung, not from Sae Hok Wing Chun, and look forward to may years of training with Sifu Mok Wai Keung. I will warn those investigating the Sae Hok Wing Chun art be careful with Wayne Yung he know how to talk english and twist the words to his liking making up false history etc. Caveat Emptor my friends!

    President of Snake Crane Wing Chun Athletic Association U.S.
    Sifu Daniel Stark

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