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Thread: 2016 Presidential Elections: The Dirt thickens

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    2016 Presidential Elections: The Dirt thickens


    Just got back from voting. When I asked for a refresher on how to fill out the ballot. The person told me, "Stay within your column. Whatever party you are with, stay within your column." All I wanted was a refresher. Instead, I got instruction to stay within party lines.
    That was pretty desperate for a state like New York.


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    NY never votes the way I want, LOL.

    I still love NEW YORK and NEW YORKERS !!!!

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    Good night everybody. Thank you for voting. Who ever you decided. Thank you.

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    Saved from the pits of H3llary

    The Republic , The First and Second Amendments has a Reprieve.

    Olivia Kay Sings The National Anthem

    MAGA. America will be made Great Again. For All Americans, not just the Trump voters.
    Get ready for all the truth of the corruption to come oozing out. The shredders in Washington are working overtime, but so is Wikileaks.
    Most of the people that voted for Hillary were deceived and manipulated by a machinery of lies that has just come crashing down. I hope one day they can realize how close they came to losing everything.
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    Hollywood Globalist Sell-Outs that promised to Self Deport

    Draining The Swamp of the Globalist, Smug, Out-of-Touch, Hollywood Elite is a good place to start.

    16 Celebrities Who Will Leave the U.S. if Trump Wins

    With Election Day polls opening up across the country on Tuesday, some of Hollywood’s most progressive celebrities have got their bags packed just in case Republican Donald Trump prevails over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    Here are 16 of Hollywood’s best and brightest who have pledged to move out of the United States in the event of a Trump win.

    1. Barbra Streisand

    “I can’t believe it. I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada,” the singer told 60 Minutes in an interview in August. Streisand has been a vocal supporter of Clinton’s candidacy, and appeared at a high-profile fundraiser for the candidate in New York City earlier this year.

    2. Bryan Cranston

    “I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t,” Cranston said in October of the possibility of a Trump victory. The Breaking Bad star suggested he would take a permanent vacation to Vancouver.

    3. Miley Cyrus

    The young pop star said she would “move out da country” if Trump, whom she called a “f*cking nightmare” were to win the election.

    4. Lena Dunham

    The Girls star said there is a “100 percent chance” she will pick up and move to Canada if Trump prevails on Election Day.

    “I love Canada. I think that it’s a great place, and there’s an area in Vancouver that I find beautiful and appealing, and I can conduct business from there,” the actress and Clinton surrogate said.

    5. Amy Schumer

    The comedian and Trainwreck actress said Spain would be her destination of choice if Trump wins the presidency.

    “My act will change because I will need to learn to speak Spanish,” Schumer said in an appearance on the BBC’s Newsnight in September. “Because I will move to Spain or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s just too crazy.”

    6. Jon Stewart

    The former Daily Show funnyman may want to connect with billionaire space pioneer Elon Musk if Trump wins; he told People magazine last year that he would consider “getting in a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers.”

    7. Cher

    The same goes for pop icon Cher, who wrote on Twitter that she would be moving to Jupiter if Trump wins. The “Believe” singer has appeared with Hillary Clinton at campaign events this year.

    8. Chelsea Handler

    The comedian and talk-show host said she had already made a contingency plan in the event of a Trump win.

    “I did buy a house in another country just in case,” Handler said in an interview on ABC’s Live with Kelly and Michael in May. “So all these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t — I actually will leave that country.”

    9. Samuel L. Jackson

    The veteran actor accused Trump of running a “hate”-filled campaign in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

    “If that motherf*cker becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa,” he later told Jimmy Kimmel.

    10. Whoopi Goldberg

    The comedian and The View co-host has repeatedly trashed Trump on the ABC daytime talk show.

    “Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be,” she said during an episode in January. “What he can’t be is he can’t be the guy that says it’s your fault stuff isn’t working. That’s not the president I want. Find a way to make stuff work.”

    “Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go,” she added.

    11. Neve Campbell

    The Scream and House of Cards actress said she would move back to her native Canada if Trump wins the election.

    “They see someone off the cuff and broad, and they think ‘ok, that’s the voice we need, just someone honest,'” Campbell told the Huffington Post of the motivation behind the Republican candidate’s support. “But his honesty is terrifying.”

    12. Keegan-Michael Key

    The Key and Peele star also said he’d flee north to Canada in the event of a Trump presidency.

    “It’s like, 10 minutes from Detroit,” the comedian told TMZ in January. “That’s where I’m from; my mom lives there. It’d make her happy too.”

    13. George Lopez

    “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration. We’ll all go back,” the Latino comedian and TV star told TMZ shortly after Trump announced his candidacy in 2015.

    14. Ne-Yo

    The R&B singer said he’d be moving to Canada “straight away” if Trump wins.

    “Me and Drake gonna be neighbors if Donald Trump becomes president,” the singer told TMZ in October.

    15. Rev. Al Sharpton

    The civil rights activist told attendees at a Center for American Progress event in February that he would be looking for flight reservations if Clinton did not triumph on Election Day.

    “I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins. Only because he’d probably have me deported anyhow,” Sharpton said.

    16. Raven-Symoné

    The former View co-host and Disney Channel star is probably already on a flight out. During a February episode of the talk show, the actress said she would move to Canada “if any Republican gets nominated.”
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    So, we'll get all the crap?
    No thank you !
    Psalms 144:1
    Praise be my Lord my Rock,
    He trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle !

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    Hey! It's the Current Year! "If you kill the Terrorists, they win"

    Bonker Celebs love a Pretty Boy

    Quote Originally Posted by sanjuro_ronin View Post
    So, we'll get all the crap?
    No thank you !
    That's what Canadians get for electing a Marxist pretty boy , substitute Drama Teacher and Ski Instructor as a PM.
    But they have to learn all the new Canadian pronouns for "him" and "her" and renounce ever having had a "mother" or "father".
    They should have no trouble doing that. They can don Burqas join the "sisters" in the upper balcony in solidarity!

    Hillary Supporters VOW Move to Canada if Trump Wins

    Oh the hypocrisy! They don't want to flee to Mexico, but to a Progressive Leftist Country full of WHITE people! OMG!

    Canada : "Asylum North", Safe Haven for progressive leftists, Cultural Marxists and SJW's.
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    Red is the New Blue

    Who are you going to believe? Your Lying Eyes or CNN?

    New Hampshire probably is being taken by the Clinton Crime Family

    Name:  red  is the new blue.jpg
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    Name:  dems too close to call.jpg
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    Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 3h3 hours ago
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    Stefan Molyneux Retweeted Hillary Clinton

    You are going to jail.

    Stefan Molyneux added,
    Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton
    “Let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and...more work to do.”
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    Nate Silver (of all people) should know that if statistical sampling is way off then the result will always be corrupted.
    1 Does the sample represent the people polled? It seems not since everyone wanted to believe their own hype.

    p.s. I just heard a news report that > 18 millions people did not vote and that will definately give a messed up outcome meaning not a true reflection of the those sampled
    Personally, a purge is needed for people to assess how they want a future US to be and to be represented and this result is as such. We got what we deserved and we have to live with it and plan accordingly.

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    Guys it is going to be fine. Just fine.

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    Cult Deprogramming

    Grief and Denial - The first stages of Cult Deprogramming

    The After Effects of Social Identity Political Programming

    Behind-Hurt Crying Hillary Voters Compilation

    The 2016 Election as a Mass Cult Deprogramming Intervention

    I feel sorry for them, They have been suffering from delusions induced by Mass Media programming and deceitful lying propaganda. Now they have to go cold turkey into reality. It's tough love, but it is the only way. They have been saved from civilizational collapse, perhaps one day they will realize how lucky they were to have avoided that fate.
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    Pepe's Celebrity Deportation Service

    Once Proud Social Justice Warriors Now Disgraced

    Name:  ozymandias-ppt-8-728.jpg
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    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

    Milo Yiannopoulos - Trump Celebrity Deportation Service

    Trump OnlyWay

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    Donald Trump as president, I expect to largely be more of the same. Most of his campaign promises he lacks the power to do, a big chunk of them are not really a change.

    His open courting and use of alt-right to help in the election, a group whose every major voice or leader is a self-professed white nationalist, is, however, a huge issue. He empowered them, and they know it. David Duke himself said that this was a major coup for the white nationalist movement, as it gave them a significant media supporter(Brietbart is, according to its head and Trump campaign staff member, the voice of the alt-right), it showed them their influence in online action, especially on Twitter(and, several times, Trump's own twitter posts were copied and pasted from white nationalist forums and twitters), and it put them in the mainstream in a way they haven't been since before WWII.

    It has been numerous decades since someone could have that close of ties to white nationalists and hope to win a presidential election.

    Now, if Trump clips their wings fast, then it's just more of the same as far as politics.

    That depends on what Trump actually believes. Since his entire history is that of an opportunist, I don't expect his supporters will find themselves actually getting what they want.

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    Donald Trump is a Racist!

    Cultural Marxist Identity Politics

    Donald Trump is a racist and all his supporters are racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, Sexist , bigoted, Gay-phobic, and a basket of Deplorables

    Trump has the House, The Senate and the Presidency. Time will soon tell and very very soon, just what that means.

    Obama said , "If Trump is elected then everything I've done will be undone". And that is just what is going to happen and how America will be Made Great Again..

    Name:  Basket-of-Deplorables.jpg
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    Donald Trump is a racist

    Name:  les-deplorables.jpg
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    Intellectually dishonest response on your part.

    I said Donald Trump is an opportunist. I never said anything about all his followers or those who voted for him.

    He's an opportunist who used self proclaimed white nationalists to aid in his efforts. And will probably cut them loose in the end, if he's smart.

    This is historical fact.

    Alt-right is white nationalist. The people who aren't are the fringe. This is fairly well established. Brietbart is the self proclaimed media for the alt-right.

    Honestly, there is no going into alt-right venues without recognizing that all but the fringe are self-proclaimed white nationalists, and the fringe is apparently okay with that. Further, Trump was quoting white nationalists on Twitter. And never seemed to have any problem with a major part of his activities on twitter getting huge support from alt-right members who were not shy about their white nationalism.

    Steven Bannon. who of course worked for Trump during the election, as head of brietbart, according to this article by someone that knew him, specifically courted the white nationalist alt-right and made brietbart its voice:


    One major writer at breitbart is Milo Yiannapoulis. He denies being a white supremacist. He is one of the writers of this article:


    Large sections of that article, in which the authors are talking about what they consider true versus simply describing the alt-right movement, but why they think the alt-right movement is right, are flat out white nationalism. They go further to split hairs and subdivide the group in ways they are NOT subdivided in online environments at all. They go to great lengths to say, we think nazis are LARPers, while supporting every pro-white argument of nazis in the rest of the argument, saved dressing like them.

    Here's what they have to say about 'natural conservatives', which, in the article, seems to be what he considers the best of the movement, the goal state almost like a 'clear' to a scientologist.

    "Their goal is a new consensus, where liberals compromise or at least allow conservative areas of their countries to reject the status quo on race, immigration and gender."

    Note the race in there? That IS the beginning, end, and middle of the charter of pretty much all white nationalist movements. They always say, hey, this other group can go to their own place, and we get our own place, really, it's only functionally the same as racism, it's not really racism.

    He follows this by explaining that that's a reasonable request, and only if they DON'T get it, well then, the nazis can do it their way. Seriously, that's what the article says in this section, if(and only if, so nice of them) liberals and conservatives don't yield territory where the natural conservatives can then "reject the status quo on race, immigration, and gender", well then, only then do the nazis get to gas everyone.

    This is the part of the group that he speaks most admiringly of, in his own words. He has been accused of being supportive of white nationalism, he denies it, but in that article, there's hardly an element of white nationalism that he doesn't defend as a natural state, even if he dances around it a lot by saying, look, it's not real racism(never mind the nazis in reserve, they're just larpers), they just want the choice to not have black people, or hispanics, or allow anyone to move into their community that doesn't somehow fit their standard.

    He is part of the alternative right, and he does describe white nationalism as a natural state of things where white people are involved.

    We need not even discuss the ties between gamergate and alt-right's rise.

    I know several people who spent extended times researching the alt-right in many online environments. Probably more time than half the people writing articles about them. One of these people is conservative, and he is disgusted by that last article's attempt to whitewash the stock white nationalism that he observed.

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