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    Join the protestors

    If anyone feels that strongly against Trump you can try that route. If it fails. Please lets move on. Everything will be fine. But Im all for it is the peoples choice. There is a reason we have the electoral college. One being so one group of people call it race because like I said. (Obama did just GREAT on that matter. Just Gold Star work. NOT.........) from over taking the votes of a smaller group of people. So please go that route. Please by law have the electoral college removed. Then what ? The next time around will you still have the larger groups numbers securing the popular vote. Or the time after that ?

    In the end it is each individuals choice but things are in place to protect us from us because we are biased or racist. But we can call it a fixed game if you like and get removed the last guard in place. Or show a larger group they can do the same.

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    Think about all those people who did not show up to vote. Think they did so because they were to lazy to show up ? The don't bother because of the electoral vote blocking them.

    I love stupid mother ****ers.

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    I've avoided saying anything anywhere about this subject until now. I'm mainly addressing the protests involving the BLM movement, but this can apply to any other types of protests. What I'm going to say will probably **** some people off, but here goes:

    Peaceful protests for your voice to be heard are a good thing. Be law-abiding and do your best to respect and to not interfere in others' right to a normal day and I will fully respect your right to express yourself.

    What is NOT a good thing is interfering in other people's lives and livelihoods. When these protestors block off freeways and streets that are essential routes for MANY people to get to work, get home, pick up their kids at school or wherever, so they aren't waiting outside in the dark somewhere; when the blockages of such roads interferes with essential services such as ambulances, firefighters, or people needing to be somewhere at a certain time, such as a business flight, etc., etc.; when nearby businesses are forced to shutter their doors and windows and stay closed and lose business for up to a week; when certain elements within these protest groups engage in vandalism, looting and physical violence against innocent people, THEN THEY HAVE OVERSTEPPED THEIR "RIGHTS" AND ARE NOTHING BUT SOCIOPATHIC SCUM, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE.

    I realize that NOT EVERYONE within these movements are criminal elements. In fact, MOST ARE NOT. Nevertheless, even peaceful protestors sabotage their own cause by preventing things such as traffic and business that are essential for people's livelihoods to make a point. Someone's very life could depend on it if they can't reach the hospital in time. Even if I agreed to an extent with the general message of the protestors, *if you **** up my day to make a point, you have just made an enemy out of me.* At this point, the message is lost and I'm against you. I no longer recognize your rights as a person to express yourself, because you do not recognize my rights as a human being, and anything you say from then on is nothing but a bunch of incomprehensible noise that I disregard entirely.

    As far as the punks that infiltrate these movements, and those who condone or otherwise offer excuses for their behavior, there are NO excuses, period. Smashing people's cars, looting and burning their shops is the way of sociopathic criminals, period. There are no historically righteous reasons behind them. And to any actual, legitimate protestors who do condone, "understand" or partake in that, CONGRATULATIONS! You've just given truth to those very same negative stereotypes you claim you are trying to eliminate from the public mindset. One step forward, a hundred steps back. If you wouldn't want it happening to you or your property, *then don't do it to other people and their property!!*.

    I realize that last sentence would simply fall on the deaf ears of those people it's directed at, because sociopaths only care about themselves and whatever self-serving agenda they have.

    To anyone who might be ****ed off or otherwise 'butt hurt' by what I've said here, consider for a moment: Is what I said a lie or the truth? We all need a little more self-reflection and a lot fewer knee-jerk responses. Race issues, especially, are hot button issues where people on both (all) sides lose their objectivity and react out of emotion. This is a recipe for disaster. It makes people easy to manipulate, and only adds fuel to those in positions of power who would like to sit back and watch the world burn (as long as it's not "their world"), and laugh while doing so. Then they pass more draconian measures to make life more restrictive for everyone.

    That is all I'm going to say on this subject.
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    Popular vote is the PEOPLES WILL.

    Make it LAW.

    I can only imagine the people advising others to do this. What are their motives ? Because to even contemplate this outcome from position of understanding the gravity of it. One can see it is a very good thing we don't go by popular vote with the President. Again, I wonder who , what friend , is advising people to do this. Because I can only believe some understand and others the vast majority, are completely ignorant of the repercussions of even uttering such stupidity.

    People are idiots even after moving their heads up and down saying I understand. They got it all figured out. And go a **** themselves into exactly what they are trying to avoid. And smart people pray for this. Let them be their own worst enemies. Let them have their way. Let them deliver us what we have asked for decades.

    POPULAR VOTE ! In a country where the racial percentages are heavily swayed to a point that ALL minorities combined don't even approach a quarter of the number. Such ****ing stupidity. Maybe common core education has worked just as expected ? Because clearly there are loads of college educated dumb****s using their dick skinners for something other than self pleasure tonight ! They going to over throw the government. ( More like over throw whitey ) More like hand it over !

    Hey you think the electoral college was invented to protect "whites " ? It was. From each other.

    Please if you feel so strongly have the electoral college removed. Let the popular vote be LAW.

    I said majority rules and minority rights. I knew mother****ers would misunderstand me. That's a racist comment. Dumb****s. Got it all figured out. Political correctness helps more than you know !

    Anyway. You all do what you like.

    edit. THINK !
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    Quote Originally Posted by boxerbilly View Post

    I knew mother****ers would misunderstand me.
    Dude, no one on here even disagreed with you.

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    LOL. Im just upset . I heard it in a place. 2 young black men talking about white people this that and we got to get rid of electoral college. I said are you ****ing nuts ? I fixate I do. Im bi polar as ****, LOL. The pain pills make my more ****ed off too.

    Anyway, I HATE THIS : The ****ing people here need jobs. Real jobs. Black, white or ****ing blue. They are killing each other because they got nothing. Told McDonalds gets like 100 apps a day per store. And they cant hire. Its a mess. Then I see stupid comics like south park with middle class white they took our jobs.
    Brain washing kids into believing that never really happened just angry old men that are unemployed drunks that should just die already. That's is one thing I fully agree on with Wolfen. The media can sway opinion even if it is flat out lies. Blacks blaming whites. Whites blaming black. Everyone blaming Hispanics. The Asians are lucky and only those over seas get the bullets. Indians ? There are 2 left, who cares ! Right ?

    I love Rochester. But what will happen. Mother****ers going to start robbing more and more. Cops going to get more and more extreme. Young kid charges cop. Cop guns him down. people get all lets burn this mothe****er down. Innocent ****ers going to go down if they on the wrong street doing their job when it goes BOOM. Then the blacks people will blame the whites. The whites will blame the blacks. Everyone will blame the Hispanic. Ive watched this place erode under the guise we all love each other. Everyone ****ing hates everyone else ! Okay not 100% true. But its the young ones and they do. And it is the old ones fault for not beating the **** out of them and it is the Govs fault for preventing us from ruling our children because PRISON is profitable ! And the little ****ers are likely to end up there . More spent on 1 prisoner in NY than a family of 4 on welfare and you know what ? That's okay ! That's just fine ! The dirt bags get the fed and local- bank. The welfare needer gets turned down unless they get a girl pregnant. I know that's not what almost none of them are thinking first time around because they aint thinking. They in love and ****ing. Been there !

    Makes me mad. Makes me furious

    Like I said. People kill their own first. But blame cops for coming in and next thing you know everything escalates. Then its blame time. Meanwhile rational people are going. I hope Trump has 100 million dollars rebuild out city. That **** went up fast. 17 babies burnt alive. Guys laughing in the street. Babies your color. Still laughing. Until reality hits home their house went up to and grandma was in it !

    A Feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry but money answereth all things.

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    I got to protect myself not only for people that look different to me but potentially people that look the same. I have a mixed family. I don't have time for dumb mother ****ers anymore.

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    The Next Time Round it will be a 100 Percent American Election

    The next time round hopefully Globalists will not be rigging the election for Anti-American, Anti-Human Interests.

    The next time around will you still have the larger groups numbers securing the popular vote.
    Next time round, the illegal immigrants numbering 18-40 million will have been kicked out and it will be only American citizens voting in the election deciding the future of America not an elite plotting the abolition of the Republic and all it's amendments and the creation of a Corporate Globalist Totalitarian State as the Hillary backed Criminal Enterprise intended to do.

    The Next Time Round it will be Americans voting on Ideas and Issues not Freedom versus Fascists.

    Next time round hopefully the anchor baby law will be repealed so that America's ideological enemies can not secure a demographic toehold inside the country. . Many of those illegals and anchor families for sure voted and voted against American Interests in this election.

    Next time round a corrupt administration will not be able to rig many of the polling stations of which fraud Trump still won in spite of it. And hopefully voter ID laws and the idea of early voting, all of which enable fraud will be will be rescinded.

    Next time round there will be no "President" encouraging illegal immigrants to vote and telling them "no one will come after you" as Obama did.

    Next Time Round the people will no longer get their news from the Lying MSM, as they have been totally discredited.
    Next Time Round there will be no MSM to campaign and rig the election stacking the deck with their propaganda in favor of the Globalists.

    Popular vote is the PEOPLES WILL.

    Make it LAW.
    MSM Propaganda. It is NOT the people's will. No vote or even poll that I know about has been done on this. And no Party has ever wanted this before. It would allow majority regions to destroy minority regions. This would cause a civil war.
    This is proposing a Totalitarian edict bypassing democratic process. In fact the people have never voted on that and no candidate has ever campaigned on that issue, nor does any want it for good reasons.
    Besides Trump may have just won the popular vote as they are still being counted. And regardless of that the margin was small. Are the Dems sure they want that after the illegals have been kicked out? That means Dems have 18-40 million less voters , probably most of them illegally voted in this election. so that would favor Trump for his second term.
    If only 1/10 of the illegals voted in this election (which all of them could easily do) that is minimum of 1/10 times 20 million = 2 million votes.
    (Estimated 20 -40 million illegals.)
    That means Trump won the popular vote in this election by at least 1.5 Million.
    I think it is much higher because I think at least 90 percent of the illegals voted in this 2016 election.

    Now if they want to change the election system, they have to have a candidate run on that platform and it has to be democratically decided on. Hillary did not even run on that platform and for sure she would not want it. And if that was tried, probably the rest of the USA would gladly allow California to secede from the union because no one wants the country to be run by only one State, not even he Democratic Party..

    The electoral college system is precisely designed so that one region such as California cannot rule over the rest of the country.

    The Hillary-Globalist vote came mainly from two States: NY and California but mostly Cali. because of the enormous number of immigrants who influence politics there and want to Make America Mexico Again and destroy the USA.
    The electoral college was precisely designed so that one particular region such as that cannot dictate policy to the rest of the country , which in this case the policy is the utter destruction of what the USA is.
    California has the numbers because of the successful importation of migrants to change the demographics there.

    The whole Democrat/Globalist idea is to stack the electorate deck by importing immigrants who will vote for them, regardless of whether the importation will harm or even destroy America (and in fact it will). They simply want power, they are totally devoid of any rational ideational platform. They only have numbers. the media and identity politics.

    The violent riots (not protests) that are occurring have little to do with Trump or Democracy, they are a continuation of the leftist marxist movement in it's struggle to overturn American Democracy, Freedom and America as a Nation State. These are people protesting the outcome of a Democratic vote .

    They are not "infiltrated by criminals" they are organized and funded by Globalist backed Leftist political groups whose aim is to create anarchy ,instability and overturn the American Republic.
    Primarily among those funders is George Soros His organization,, for one buses in paid protestors/anarchists from other regions to start the trouble. There are open ads on Craigslist for them. (not reported on by the MSM).
    I realize that NOT EVERYONE within these movements are criminal elements. In fact, MOST ARE NOT.
    However the leaders of these movements are Criminal elements - Globalists funded radical socialists with the intent to destroy the Republic. Most of the protestors have been duped by lies about Trump from the MSM and they are encouraged and even given permission or carte blanche to be violent by the Riot leaders and by the Terrorist MSM. Look at the signs! - they have been mass produced and distributed Soros's

    Furthermore,they are protesting DEMOCRACY can there be anything peaceful about that? What do they expect, that half of the nation surrender their democratic rights? What do they expect to gain by hating and being intolerant to half of the nation?

    The reason people voted for Trump was precisely because they saw these intolerant violent people as a threat to their freedom .

    As far as the punks that infiltrate these movements,
    They haven't "infiltrated", many have been outright hired by Soros and the rest encouraged by the leftist leaders of these riots.

    Here is what is going to happen

    The violent riots will get worse and there will be a lot more dirty and illegal stuff thrown at America's Institutions and the Trump Presidency .

    They are and will continue to be encouraged and inflamed by the Globalist owned MSM. They intend to try to destabilize America and the Trump Presidency with violence and civil unrest, not protests This is a continuation of what Obama was doing with BLM and the SJW's. All of which are being used to attack the American way of Life and American institutions.
    The MSM have now become the leading terrorist institutions in America promoting and encouraging violence and hatred of democratic processes. They are continuing the process even though the election is over. They have everything in place, all their methods and people are just continuing the exact same thing without pause. They were never about opposing a single candidate, they were about opposing the people, they aligned with fascism versus freedom and democracy.

    It's only just begun. Trump has a long hard fight ahead to bring back freedom and democracy against violent corrupt terroristic wealthy fascist elites.
    I really don't know if it can be done.

    Hillary’s hordes step-up violent anti-Trump riots

    Rebel Media

    Published on Nov 12, 2016

    Holly Nicholas reports on the violence of the ironically named “love trumps hate” protestors, pointing out that these Soros-funded rioters have been there all along unleashing violence at Trump events but the Hillary-loving media have been silent about it
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    "You Know Who" and the Popular Vote

    BTW, It seems Trump may have also won the popular vote - The votes have not yet been fully counted.

    The MSM has been dragging their feet refusing to report it. They have not really informed the public that the votes are still being counted. It spoils the narrative and allows the riots to go on without any interference by objective truth
    In a few days from posting this you may see this on MSM websites.
    This will have no effect whatsoever on the riots. The riots will continue as the leftists are only using the election as an excuse to destabilize American Institutions.

    Final #Election2016 numbers

    #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750

    #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232

    Update: Anyone asking where I got the figures, it was from twitter posts. Knowing the Democrat media have been dragging their liberal feet giving Michigan to Trump – finally they did, with Arizona finally declared two days ago – Trump now has the 309. Except for the twitter posts, the popular vote number still need to be updated in Wikipedia or MSM media – which may take another few days because the liberals are still reeling and recovering from Trump-shock victory. If I’m wrong, I won’t hesitate to change the numbers. It’s the job of the establishment media to tell the people the final numbers when it’s out there already.
    I have noticed one thing about virtually all commenters here, and I suspect the overwhelming majority of members on this site an "aversion" to consider existential threats. I think it reflects the current state of rootless or disingenuous martial arts in North America in which a hollow culture has been imposed on these Arts.

    Anyway most here seem to be incapable of looking at the following words, saying them , typing them, thinking them.....

    (Do they send us their best?)
    These are the words of the one "whose name we dare not speak", "You know who" (no not KFM YKW) and this whether they admit it or not is the apocalypse that they have temporarily avoided.
    Look at Europe, if you dare, if your sleepy eyes can comprehend.
    Can you hear the canary singing or is it dead?
    Europe is the fate of the silent.
    Europe is in it's death throes
    Anyone planning a vacation in Malmo Sweden thee days?
    Gay Parie, a baguette by the Seine?
    The entire French army is deployed on the streets
    And on the beaches, machines guns overlooking the topless bikini girls.
    and it's not enough.
    Fireworks in Nice?
    Beautiful Bustling Bursting Brussels?
    Londinstan?? (take your Burqa)

    Pack your Kevlar.

    Unchecked,this is America's fate.

    You have all been saved in spite of yourselves.

    The MSM has told a fairy tale about Islam. The public has been maintained in a state of woeful ignorance and outright lies about Islam. They have said anyone that does not believe the fairy tale is a "racist". Mainstream Islam is an ideology of civilizational conquest that uses religion to control it's members. The peaceful Muslims are those that reject the teachings of mainstream Islam - that is a minority and they are always subject to pressure and prone to giving in to the codified Islamic Law of the majority.

    It seems to be true that that Racists against whites promote Islam without caring for the consequences because it abets the war on the whites.
    So this racism is allied with Cultural Marxism (minorities against majorities to destroy the Nation State)


    In case anyone missed this:

    The Truth About the Trump Protests

    These are America's real enemies. They do not believe in Democracy. They ally with Islamic Fascism to try to destroy America. They are not Dem/Hillary supporters, that is a useful tool of destruction.. They are in fact revolutionary Cultural Marxists (whether they know it or not) with an agenda to destroy the entire cultural inheritance of Western Civilization and America.

    Paul Joseph Watson

    Published on Nov 10, 2016

    F.. off to North Korea, you democracy-hating clowns.

    They are burning an American Flag - not a Republican Banner or a Trump Portrait These are violent revolutionary radicals agaisnt America and American Democracy.

    I heard a joke of one way to stop them, just play the National anthem and they will all drop to one knee.
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    Cnn lies again

    It was minority Groups: Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, that Gave Trump the White House

    Working-class whites give Trump the White House 02:20

    CNN now known as the Commie New Network caught lying again.

    PROOF: Blacks, women, Hispanics voted for “racist, sexist” Trump

    Rebel Media

    Published on Nov 10, 2016

    Ezra Levant crunches the NYT's numbers and proves the media's propaganda about Trump didn't reflect reality or sway all voters

    Full measures of turnout won't be clear for as long as several more weeks, when election officials in the various states finish tabulating and certify the results. The figures also do not include people of age who are ineligible to vote or have not registered.
    People are now estimating Trump may have won the popular vote. I think this is something that will take CNN a long, long ,time to report on if true ...perhaps three or four weeks worth of riots.
    If this was offered to the Dems prior the election, they would not have wanted it. They thought they had an advantage in the electoral college system. I heard that CNN many times before Nov 8, said that Hillary had a better chance in the electoral colleges.

    It was phrased something like "The electoral Colleges favor Clinton"
    They were wrong and now they are complaining about the rule they themselves wanted.
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    Anyway. After 9 11. That's when races in this country began as a whole to set aside difference. People were genuine about extending hands . Americans regardless color. Another thread, common enemy got brought up. Yeah, it worked ! About the 3rd year under Obama a saw that slowly slip away.
    Now again, I do see right here in my home town and other areas around. Blacks and whites being legitimate friends. Sorry, friendship with the young kids as way more diverse so everyone. BUT their numbers ( youths are huge) Just because we see the surface most people are oblivious to majority that don't care about getting along anymore. And people don't see it until a RIOT happens. Where yes, we see young people being lead by hate promoters not understanding you are killing your very own people / homes and then what ?

    People mad at the police department. So they burned down the town ? Police dept. still standing. But we got change. Yeah, you sure did !

    And then people from other parts of America see tv and think man we got it like that here too. John got beat up by the cops after he robbed a liquer shot 6 people and ran over a little old lady and fought 6 police ,trying tying to escape. Went down like Rodney King ! Yep. Just like that place on tv. Of course not even close. But people are so **** stupid.

    Just lead the cattle here. The guy with the bullhorn does the rest ! When it is all over. Bullhorn guy is long gone .

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    Tuskegee Airmen Receive Congressional Gold Medal

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    20 thousands views because no one knows.

    Or ****ing cares ! Like one candidate said more or less. They are dead get over it.

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    I realize that **** like this video can be spun into so many directions. I don't care. At least some familys get their kids home. Scared young boys fighting for America when they died. Just kids !

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