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    Lightbulb hahahaha

    people still talking about the McMA?? LOL

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    What's wrong with it?

    MMA/BJJ and its other associated arts are the most popular and sought-after MA training (among young adults at least) at this point in time. The city I live in is an MMA mecca; there are gyms all over the place, and many professionals including name UFC fighters, train at/teach out of them. OTOH, the non-MMA MA schools are very low-key and quiet. Even Kenpo, which used to be king in this area up through the 1990s. And the TKD/karate I see now is mostly kids.

    Even though MMA is no longer constantly on free TV every single night like it was for a while, I don't see any sign of its popularity slowing down or going away. I personally don't practice sport MMA, and I seldom watch it anymore except for certain occasions/certain fighters. But I don't see a problem with it, as long as people are taught to be respectful of others. I know of several TMA schools where the attitudes of the teachers/students are generally arrogant, so MMA itself is not really the problem there. Several years ago, I trained at a BJJ academy for a year for the experience, and the teacher and students' attitudes there were generally friendlier and more down-to-earth than a lot of the TCMA people I've met.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uki View Post
    people still talking about the McMA?? LOL
    This coming from the guy that practices from books out in the woods to "rip people's jaws off" and believes he's evolving into a crystal?

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