it hasnt been officially announced yet but i hear from a very good source(mark miller, writer for marvel comics, creator of kick ass and wanted) that black panther will be the next movie for marvel, which will ofcourse tie in to the next avengers film. right now people are speculating on the actor...i think there is a black panther cartoon thread...but ill ask gene if this one can stand alone, as it is about the movie and not cartoon. so who would you guys see as black panther? my picks are:

Idris Elba

Michael Jai white

chiwotel Ejiofor

i know peeps are gonna say djimon honsou...but at this point he and wesley snipes are both to old. djimon would play the dad perfectly...

Idris is my main choice because he has the most notoriety of the three...from his role in the wire, the hit uk tv show luther, and his upcoming role in prometheus, and not to mention thor(he could play heimdal and ch which means he is already in with marvel..makes him the best pick...and lets not forget his amazing range as an actor.