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Thread: Shaolin Soccer

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    XiaoLong Guest

    SHAOLIN SOCCER <great movie>

    If you like Shaolin you will love this movie.

    About The Film's Success:
    This film was the undisputed box-office champ this summer in Hong Kong, bringing in more than $7.5 Million (that's more than 5 times what Rush Hour 2 grossed in Hong Kong!), and is considered Stephen Chow's best chance yet at serious crossover appeal to mainstream American audiences.

    The film features jaw-dropping digital effects by brilliant HK workshop Centro Digital Pictures (you'll remember their inspired effects work from such Andrew Lau films as "The Storm Riders", "Legend Of Speed", "Man Called Hero", and more), and guarantees a great time for everyone.

    A Brief Synopsis:
    Shaolin Kung Fu proselytizer Stephen Chow unites with a soccer coach wannabe to assemble the ultimate underdog soccer team (think "Seven Samurai" meets "The Matrix" meets "The Waterboy"). Combining conventional sportsmanship with ancient martial arts, they will show their soccer rivals ("The Evil Team") that they're not to be trifled with.

    About The DVD:
    The Shaolin Soccer DVD is presented in Anamorphic Widescreen format, with DD5.1 AND DTS audio tracks. The disc is packed with special features, including an extended version of the film never before seen, a 20-minute documentary, and plenty of behind the scenes footage of the special effects wizards and actors doing their thing.

    Shaolin Soccer now on DVD

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    Crimson Phoenix Guest
    Geez, I can't wait for my copy to arrive...

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    Daelomin Guest
    sounds silly..... dosen't mean it's not good

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    Silumkid Guest
    Yeah, Stephen Chiao isn't known for his serious roles. I did like From Beijing With Love but again, it was kind of silly.

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    joedoe Guest
    I haven't seen it but I have heard it is absolutely hilarious.

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    Julian Dale Guest

    Shaolin soccer on pc game format

    I just bought the game for pc when I was in Hong Kong last week, not had a chance to play it yet but the film has has rave reviews.

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    Heming Guest

    Great Movie

    Stephen Chiao learnt kungfu from my master's brother in Hong Kong since 1985, he is a good Wingchun and Shaolin style Shaolin Temple master also watched Shaolin Soccer with us and all of us likes this movie star very much, hehehe....I have watched this movie for 15 times, and lots of us can recite his famous words in the" Soccer, is not played by this way deeeeee...."

    I bought 3 copies of this movie on Video CD, in China it's only USD2 for a movie CD

    Shaolin Soccer

    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
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    ICQ#: 17145752

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    fajinpower Guest


    Can anyone tell me, where can I get a copy of the movie. How much will it cost(USD)?

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    XiaoLong Guest
    DVD is USD$16,96 if you buy it through the link in my first post. I bought the VCD for USD$1,00 in China but it is a far way to go :D

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    XiaoLong Guest
    Wong Ying, how about the game? Is it fun? :D

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    Julian Dale Guest


    cant get the game to run,seems to be some dll issue, plus all instructions are in contonese Doh ! Managed to get some of the wav files to play which are amusing,

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    XiaoLong Guest
    too bad :(, we still got the movie. I fei chang xi huan very like the end of the movie. Wish I could park my car like that :p

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    Heming Guest

    Shaolin Soccer Movie Clips can be downloaded from Shaolin Site!

    Welcome to download the Shaolin Soccer Video Clips from our Shaolin SDU website, it's in real format and you need to use "realplayer" to play it.

    Here is the link:
    Shaolin Soccer Clips of Parking the car....and others...hehehe....

    If you wish to watch the whole movie, feel free to contact me in Shaolin field ;-D

    Heming :cool:
    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
    Tel: +86(371)2749172
    ICQ#: 17145752

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    Two Words: Shaolin Soccer

    Went to see Spy Kids 2 last night and caught the trailer for film called Shaolin Soccer. It looked great for the kids and I'll see it with my sons but if you wonder why people laugh at CMA just think about those two words.

    I hope it's a great movie because from the trailer it looked like a lot of fun and the boys were jazzed about seeing it.
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    Dam nit... it made sense when it was running through my head.


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    It's a masterpiece...too bad Miramax screwed it up and heavily edited it...too heavily for my integrists tastes anyway...
    Still, go see it, have a blast, and then buy it in DVD and watch it again, again, again
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