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Thread: Lion Dance in America?

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    Lion Dance in America?

    Is anyone interested in Lion Dance? or Dragon Dance?

    Well there is a new 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in America. United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation.

    Mission Statement

    “To preserve and promote the arts of dragon and lion dance as a cultural tradition and sport throughout the United States and abroad”


    “To create opportunities for all styles of dragon and lion dance teams to express and develop themselves, through friendly regional, national, and international training & exchanges, enrichment programs, and quality tournaments with the highest standards.”

    Dragon and Lion Dancing has been studied, practiced and performed in the United States for over a century, in a variety of places like Chinatown associations, traditional martial arts schools and college campuses. People of all backgrounds, young and old, enjoy not only viewing this art form but also performing it during various celebrations throughout the year. These arts have been gaining popularity across the globe and are now internationally recognized sports, practiced worldwide.

    The USDLDF is composed of member schools and individuals, across the nation, that share a passion for preserving these cultural arts through dedicated practice and study, as well as working on promoting them as sports that develop fitness and friendships.

    Here are nine reasons for creating the USDLDF:

    - To preserve and promote the arts of Dragon and Lion Dance, among other traditional Chinese martial culture arts, within the United States.
    - Promote friendship, courtesy, harmony, ethics and goodwill among practitioners in the US as well as abroad.
    - Unite the US dragon and lion dance schools, teams and troupes to help them grow and expand their programs and knowledge of the arts.
    - Increase communication between practitioners within the US and abroad to raise the standards of dragon and lion dance of all federated member teams to an international level.
    - Become an active member of the International Dragon and Lion Dance Federation (國際龍獅總會) and the international dragon and lion dance community as a whole.
    - Organize training for judges and coaches in order to have qualified national level judges and instructors.
    - Organize official and sanctioned dragon and lion dance competitions within the US to improve our communication, knowledge and standards.
    - Create opportunities for member groups to represent the USDLDF and the USA in international competitions.
    - Create opportunities for the national level certified judges and coaches to become certified internationally.

    To learn more about the USDLDF please visit

    We recently held the first US National Dragon and Lion Dance Judges Course and Certification Exam.
    Pictures can be found by clicking here

    Our facebook other updates of what have been going, please visit
    Teo Chew Association: Unicorn Dragon and Lion Dance Team
    潮州會館 麒麟龍獅團

    United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation

    No Limit Arts & Gifts

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    lion dance is boring as hell, they always use same music same choreography. and its stereotypical as hell put chinese culture in a shoebox.

    chinese community in usa is being shat on with all kinds of violence and discrimination and this is a terrible waste of time

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    Sorry you feel that way about Lion dance, But this can be said about any martial art as well. It is the same choreography over and over and over.
    But there actually more to Lion dance, just like any martial art systems. There are tons of forms and styles.
    Lion dance has tons of different routines, arrays. Lion dance also have many different styles, and even different type of lion heads (the actual costume)

    But not here to change your opinion on lion dance.

    Just wanted to say USDLDF has an article in the Nov+Dec issue of KFTCM! Check it out! We on page 17!
    Teo Chew Association: Unicorn Dragon and Lion Dance Team
    潮州會館 麒麟龍獅團

    United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation

    No Limit Arts & Gifts

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