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Thread: #metoo (An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch)

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    #metoo (An Open Secret: Hollywood - Please Watch)

    With all the news lately of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, etc., it's absolutely amazing that THIS is flying so far under the radar in the mainstream media. Hollywood'd pedophilia problem is a subject that even all the people who are now speaking up about the Harvey Weinsteins of the world have been steering clear of. Yet what's happening here is AT LEAST as bad as what Weinstein, Cosby, and countless others who target adult women have been and are doing. The dark side of the entertainment industry goes far deeper than only a few powerful men exploiting adult women. Until people stop seeing this as just a women's issue, it will continue to proliferate and go unaddressed in the mainstream media.

    When Barbara Walters criticized Corey Feldman for coming out about this problem, she was essentially trying to bury what he was revealing. Barbara Walters showed that she is part of the problem (and firmly ensconced into the 'system'). Had he been a woman coming out about a Harvey Weinstein, she probably would have reacted differently, even if only to APPEAR more PC. If this issue of harassment/molestation in the entertainment industry is to be addressed, it needs to be addressed in its entirety.

    *Reposted vid, because original link was taken off of YouTube.

    **Oh, look: it's been taken off of YouTube again. Surprise, surprise. Well, if anyone is interested, rather than constantly reposting the documentary, check YouTube for it. It gets put up, gets removed, then pops up again.
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