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    #MAGA not #MeToo

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    If this scumbag-idiot did wrongfully accuse Takei, and it certainly looks like that is the case, all I can say to the accuser is, "Karma is a *****."

    And this applies to anybody who wrongfully accuses another person of sexual misconduct. It negatively affects the perception of credibility (and belittles the experiences) of those accusers who have ACTUALLY been sexually assaulted/molested and are seeking justice in the right way. It also leaves a permanent stain on the reputation of the wrongfully accused.
    And for that very reason the #MEtoo "movement" has been totally discredited. The Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation proved this and showed that not only was the METOO movement a Marxist attack on society it was politically partisan. The movement backed the accusers and said they shoudl be believed without evidence. No responsible person believed them, they were obvious liars. Now three of the accusers have been criminally charged for lying and the fourth bundled off to the funny farm.

    #MeToo/#MeMarxist is not responsible for the climate in which sexual abusers have started to be exposed. The populist movement and the election of Donald Trump started this. If Hillary had been elected Weinstein would still be making feminist speeches and raping freely and no one would have ever come forward for anyone else. No one would have dared, no newspaper would have dared touch it with the Democrat machine in power. There was a genuine fear of Arkancide. And note that 95 percent of those exposed have been "feminist" Democrat men. #Metoo piggy backed themselves on the efforts of populists as a Marxist technique to destabilize society and empower Globalist Politicians.

    In all these Asian Democratic Countries the #metoo movement agenda is political destabilization by attacking men of power..
    . What is the intent of the MeMarxist movement - it is to create social destabilization and attack the political power structure. It has no intention of promoting harmony between men and women, it's purpose is to set one part of a society against another, This is pure Marxist technique which in it's original form started by setting the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. Since that no longer works in modern times and the communists actually killed the proletariat in large numbers as well, the technique is now altered is to set other kinds of groups against each other,women against men, colors against white, Islam against Christians etc.

    The case of China is very strange and absurd. You can't use Cultural Marxism against the Organization that invented it. Of course they protestors got arrested and disappeared.
    The one thing that is strange is that I cannot imagine anyone in China thinking they could get away with this. So they must have been devoted to martyrdom.

    Leta Hong Fincher, the author of Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China, described why government leaders are so alarmed by the activities of students like Yue: “All of these overlapping forms of movements, they are very destabilizing for the government. And we don’t know how stable the Communist Party is. And so this is another reason why the Party is so paranoid.”
    Leta Hong encouraged these women to be sacrificed as a "soldiers of the cause",. Either that or they wished to martyr themselves.. Leta with her writings fed fed them a bunch of baloney and sent them off to the chopping block. It is beyond ridiculous that the CCCP is "destabilized". Xi JinPing has now more powers that any previous chairman. he is a virtual emperor. Everyone in China knows this. The whole atmosphere of China now is that of being under a hard Party crackdown, it is no longer a pleasant or friendly environment for expat workers and business people Foreigners are leaving China in droves because of the hostility they get from all sides. The pendulum has swung toward absolutism and xenophobia.
    It is all political here very little to do with "helping women" Do they want to help women in China? - then tackle the mass sex slavery and sexual exploitation that goes on in China, with help from local authorities, instead of absurdly trying to take down the Party leaders.
    You know - "This is China!"
    So Metoo is nothing but MeMarxyou. They don't care what is true or not, nor what happened to the women that they encourage to complain, Their goal is to take down political power structures.

    She added: “It’s about believing that what you are doing is about justice, then you will have no fear.”
    Yeah just like what Chairman Mao said. No, the Party is jaded and wise to that, not a chance of success.


    Me Too BACKFIRED And Now Men Care LESS About Assault According to Gallup Poll

    Tim lists many other false accusations here. Of course it backfired, it was never meant to help women because you can only help women by helping both men and women together and promoting both Jsutice and Harmony without a political agenda.

    #Red Dye Series
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