I thought there was a thread dedicated to this already but all I could find were Mass Qigong Demonstrations, Tai Chi Mass Demonstrations & Flash Mobs and of course, the many mass demos on the Taguo thread. So I'm starting one just for Kung Fu and if I find a previous thread, I'll merge it.

A 1M performance of martial arts is worth posting here.
China to promote martial arts among children
Xinhua, January 16, 2018

Martial arts experts nationwide gathered at a seminar to discuss measures to promote traditional Chinese culture among children.

Martial arts shows will be performed by one million children in 100 cities to celebrate the Children's Day on June 1, 2018, according to a martial arts development plan for 2018-2020 unveiled at the seminar held in Beijing Sunday.

The country plans to establish martial arts research institutions and education bases, hold competitions, and offer courses on martial arts for children nationwide.

According to the plan, international exchanges will be organized to promote martial arts activities between children from China and countries along the Belt and Road routes.

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