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Thread: Kung fu vs grappling (What I think)

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    Richie Guest

    Kung fu vs grappling (What I think)

    Ok listen, I'm tired of hearing that grappling is better than kung fu. It is not. Grappling is a good SPORT, in a REAL fight I will most certainly put ALL of my money on kung fu.


    Well, first off, kung fu is very old. It was and still is use in the Chinese military. In the old days there was no rules.

    I have fought and sparred against bjj guys and had no problems. You could argue that the bjj guys I fought where not good or lying about their skill level. Maybe that is true, I don't agree.

    For example, I was at my college in the dorms. A guy came to the room and started talking about martial arts. The subject of kung fu came up. He said that he studied bjj for 3 years and he could beat any kung fu guy. I tolded him I did kung fu and I wanted him to prove it. We cleared the floor and started. I said we can start on the ground, because of the lack of room. He said no it's ok. I also told him that it would be a heavy hitting sparring match and anything goes. He agree. We started, and many atempts, he couldn't get me down. We were bumping into things so I said lets do this on the ground. We restarted with im in my guard. I layed there snapping him in the face, and doing finger strikes above his eyes not to hurt him. I think he went through five pairs of eyes. He then laid his head against my chest and tried to take control of my hands. However, I would chop and punch the back and side of his neck. We did this for about five minutes. Next I said I'll give you the mount. So he mounted me and started throwing punchs. I blocked most of them with wing chun like blocks, and popped him in the chin a few times and lightly finger striked his throat. I also elbowed his thighs, and punched him in the groin. After 4 groin punches, he quit. He said that the left arm and leg were a little numb for 2 weeks, because of the neck strikes. You say this guy wasn't any good, but most of my fights with bjj guys have been this way.

    If I'm walking down the street and a someone grabs me and takes me down, I'm going to use EVERYTHING in my power to get him off of me (Kung fu or not). I'll grab a rock or a stick and hit him with it. I'll take that pen out of my pocket and stab him in the neck with it. On the street you don't know if the guy attacking you has a weapon, bass knockles or what. So, why would you want to get that close?

    I think that is the reason why traditional jujitsu like japanese jujitsu focuses more on throws, standing locks, and suboing their attacker. You don't know if he has a dagger, stick, or rock on him. You want to keep him at arms length, at least.

    BJJ is great in the ring, but on the street I'll use my kung fu. If one of you BJJ guys want to fight, be my guest, but remember there might be a bic pen in my pocket with your neck's name on it. :mad: Sorry for poor grammar and spelling.

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    Martial Joe Guest
    My thoughts...

    Kung Fu is for stand up...grappling arts are for grappling...

    Train them both...become a great well rounded fighter...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    Martial Joe Guest
    Dang those bass knockles...

    ****it that is worse then me...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    Archangel Guest


    Even I'm tired of this!!!!

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    LEGEND Guest this you playing another role as a troll???


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    SevenStar Guest


    *insert dead horse pic here*

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair

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    anerlich Guest
    Richie, your stories are nearly as good as those from Gary at

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    Richie Guest


    Do you want to find out if what I'm saying is true?

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    SevenStar Guest
    them sounds like fightin' words :)

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair

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    Mr. Nemo Guest
    I can think of few things less intimidating than Richie Z trying to act hard over the internet.

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    gazza99 Guest
    Thanks for the compliment abman, but richies experiances are a bit different than mine.As ive never been taken to the ground.
    If your smart As# was in my area I could of course give you a free demo. (perhaps me trying to act hard over the net is less threating Mr. Nemo?) Just giving it some contrast for you.. :rolleyes:

    "Of course thats just my opinion, I could be wrong"-Dennis Miller

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    Ryu Guest
    Here's a question. If I came up and said, "yes I've done some BJJ and judo. I think it's pretty good, but I like other arts too. Can you teach me some of your art?"

    Would you say "sure, I hope you can teach me some of your stuff too"

    "Let's go full contact swinging! Let's fight!
    I'll stick pens in your eyes, **** grappling man!!!"

    Sorry, I'm tired tonight anyway..


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    LEGEND Guest
    RITCHIE...I do...please pick me...meeeeeeeee. My school is CARL RUNK's Karate...I'm a grappling instructor...if u ever get out of JAPAN...swing by the DC area and we can have a MMA thang. Later.


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    Jaguar Wong Guest
    I'm no expert, but I always thought that Kung Fu was supposed to have at least some anti grappling in it. I'm not saying to the level of winning any Sport JJ tournaments, but at least some exposure, so you at least know what to look for when facing any opponent. Back in the day, even the Shuai Chiao guys thought grappling was superior (even though it's got strikes all up in the style :)). They had that popular quote "One year wrestling beats Three years boxing".

    I'm not saying I believe this, but they were able to practice their techniques more closely to the way they would actually be used than some of the "boxers" that neglected to practice any grappling (not just Chin Na, I'm talking about all the throws, grabs, takedowns, etc). Just like Jigoro Kano's guys beating the Traditional JJ guys, because he removed the "deadly" stuff, and drilled the basics to a level where they could effectively use them to defeat their opponents.

    I personally use what little grappling I know to avoid/escape grappling situations, but I also include the striking stuff as part of that. I'm looking at my arsenal as a whole, not just the grappling portion when it hits the ground. That's why I really like watching when guys can effectively strike from inside someone's guard, because they're not caught in a mindset that says you have to use grappling to pass the guard, they just set up a good base, and start choosing the best targets, like they were still standing. Who knows, they may be wide open for a sweep, or a submission, but I haven't seen enough of that to know if it's happened before.

    What was my point again? Oh yeah, neglecting, or even dismissing (grappling is a good Sport, but I do Kung Fu. -- I thought Kung Fu was complete...grappling and all?) any training in grappling (whether it's supposed to be in your style or not), is just leaving a possible weakness in your personal style. I'm not saying you'll easily be over powered and killed by a grappling mugger, but I just don't see why people can't look past a style's appearance, or the "bad apples", and actually look for something that they may be able to use.

    Jaguar Wong

    "If you learn to balance a tack hammer on your head
    then you learn to head up a balanced attack!"
    - The Sphinx

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    gfhegel21 Guest
    Good post Jaguar.

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