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Don't all Shandong masters do a little tanglang? I mean it's the cradle of mantis after all.

Shandong has a rich martial tradition and a lot of Shaolin monks come from there, including several of the ones that I studied under directly. They all has some mantis too.

And don't forget, Shandong is the setting of Outlaws of the Marsh, which feeds into the province's martial pride. There's styles that come from Liangshan in Shandong that echo Outlaws including Mizong and Ziwumen. I reported on that in our Jan+Feb 2014 issue cover story, The Kung Fu Legacy of Outlaws of the Marsh.

We even produced some videos on it.

Nice to hear y'all discussing stuff here again. Thanks for that.
The first few 'Shaolin' tours to Australia were all from Shandong as well (though of course not billed that way). Funny that when I got a chance to speak to the team members, almost all of them came up in Tanglang schools in Yantai and Qingdao. The first monk I met at Shaolin in 94 was also from Shandong.

Yep, most people in Shandong wulin (either consciously or subconsciously) exhibit characteristics straight out of Shui Hu Zhuan, ha ha...