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Thread: Other shaolin lineages/branches

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    Other shaolin lineages/branches

    could you guys please name ALL lineages/branches of martial arts that claim northern shaolin other then that stuff they teach at the shaolin temple today? that includes all those styles/lineages that do not call them self shaolin but claim to come from the northern shaolin temple. any rare family style that has recently been made public for example? or anything elase you could think of.. please give me a full list of all the lineages/styles that you know that claims to come from the northen shaolin tample, including all the rare/unknown styles you know..
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    The Chen, Hao, and Liu family folk masters (amongst others) in Dengfeng are locally known and claim some association with Shaolin. Chang family martial arts in Henan is relatively famous as is the Liuhemen lineage. Qin Qing Feng, a master of Wuxingbafa in Beijing, I think has claimed association with Shaolin, though I could be mistaken. Unfortunately, all of those lineages practice some of same of 'that stuff they teach at the temple', so I'm not exactly sure what you are after.

    There are innumerable lineages that claim an association with Shaolin but their claims are likely unverifiable.
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