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Thread: 18 Luohan segment in the Nov/Dec 2003 Shaolin edition

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    Thanks for your support again, Djuan

    Have you read my book too? It's a collation of a lot of my Shaolin research, both online and in print, along with a lot of other personal reflections and anecdotes of my years spent training there.

    Shaolin Trips

    You can also get it combined with my DVD of the same title (but different material because it's a DVD...well, some of the narration is the same).

    Shaolin Trips Book And DVD Combo

    And here's our forum discussion thread - Shaolin Trips by Gene Ching
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    very welcome :)

    thanks for keeping the "old scrolls" available! I'll always support and I plan on rebuilding my collection, though nothin tops the originals, things of importance coming back around again is, in the same way a treasure that transcends time and space. you have to pardon my excitement. its deeper than the mags lol.
    about your book I have certainly had it on my radar and planned on grabbing it already, I'll have to check that combo out, I know both of them are laced with jewels.

    research is going good, I was able to find all the Tagou's old Shaolin Traditional Gong Fu series aside from vol.1 which people are auctioning online for $400 and as if we never saw all five volumes listed for $99 18 years ago (anyone with a vol.1 for sale let me know)....another story totally and also another reason I appreciate you WLE and KFTCM, you never sold us short, always delivered, never over charged, and always exceed expectation. To know you are here, means a lot. its "Sankofa" for me (returning to my roots) in TCMA. I'll be giving my thanks and reverence to you alls work as long as I'm talkin so if anyone forgot I'll remind them lol, probably sick of hearing me say it.

    Some of us need more encouragement than others, and some have NO local access , or peer/family community support with their MA training. Some people have environments that arent cohesive with their training. Sure you are aware, still I have to tell you this..... so us coming home with a KFTCM or WLE catalog, was gold then , is gold now, even to people who cant buy them or buy things inside.
    So I'll always support for that reason. Even if I read em all already lol..... I know theres a kid , or adult , somewhere, who might need just a touch of ch'an, or just a little encouragement to train, a little insight to increase faith, or just a different perspective on the MA community, that they might be far, or feel from in their area, you guys gave me that regardless of what was in the (table of content) when I was a kid, and now it's the same for us as adults.... though I have my preferences to Shaolin based on my research and practice, in principles you guys still supplement that therapeutic, protonic, pro active energy to the community.


    "色即是空 , 空即是色 " ~ Buddha via Avalokitesvara
    Shaolin Meditator

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