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Thread: fight club

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    wufupaul Guest

    fight club

    So what do you guys think? Personally, I don't have a problem with it. If two people want to fight, then let them, hehe.

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    Stranger Guest
    Let them do what they want. I don't believe such a thing should be regulated by the law.

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    Mr. Nemo Guest
    Personally, I don't think these people should be allowed to fight entirely unsupervised. Fighting can easily cause serious injuries if one of the participants, or neither participant knows what he or she is doing.

    If people need a license to drive, I think they should need a license or something to fight, as well. I think we should have some sort of organization that will make sure no one gets hurt in these things if they remain popular (I bet they won't, though). Kinda like MMA!

    We have something similar called Rebel Familia here in LA - it's been around for a while, maybe ten years or so. However, I think their matches are more like boxing than fighting.

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    KC Elbows Guest
    Some guys approached my teacher about joining a fight club they were forming. Not one of these guys had any fight experience, while my teacher grew up rough, and has fought quite a bit. He politely declined(He told them, "Look, you don't want me in your fight club.") :D

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    krome Guest
    WP thanks for the article. I believe if those guys want to fight they should be allowed. What they are doing is probably more like sparring than anything else. But then again that just my opinion.

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    Chang Style Novice Guest
    Why do we need fight clubs? Don't we already have amatuer boxing gyms and kungfu schools, and karate dojos, and judo teams, and...

    You get the picture.

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    shaolinboxer Guest
    I see no real benefit from such a thing. Clubs like this are too close to becoming gangs. And if somebody gets hurt, it's not like it's a pro fight or tournament. It's too personal.

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    soy Guest
    Sounds fun, where do I sign up?

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Just a couple of more Mormons on drugs.

    It's that or the Crystal Cathedral I guess? hahahahahahahaha.


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    Badger Guest
    Sign me up!(just as long as they all have mullets!)


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    gano_b Guest
    The first rule of fight do not talk about fight club.

    "There is no, or do not."

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    krome Guest

    I fear No Mullet

    Use what works not what looks pretty.

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    Chang Style Novice Guest
    Once again, for your reading pleasure: the REAL meaning of Fight Club.

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    sultanpro Guest
    Gano_b- That was classic :D

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    Ryu Guest
    I don't like it. If you want to fight, get in a ring or at least with supervision. Anything else is rather immature in my opinion (and I say that because I too have done my share of tough guy crap)


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