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Thread: Postures of Qiniang Fang Fujian White Crane: #1.

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    Postures of Qiniang Fang Fujian White Crane: #1.

    15 Postures of Qiniang Fang Fujian White Crane.
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    POSTURE #1: 他舆我對勢,可用尻骨頭尖直跌他臁,只宜離地三五寸,不可太高,高則身折。
    Posture 1 of Fujian White Crane -Dielian, in English, stamping the shank. When fighting with him, you can stamp his shank directly using the apex of coccyx, the distance of which shall not be too high, 3-5 inch is appropriate. Case of high distance will lead to bending of your body.

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