Just bought a Tatung Rice / Multicooker - made in Taiwan - used by 95% of Taiwanese Households.
These last for ages apparently, around 30 years plus and are often handed down to the next generation.

The rice doesn't burn at the bottom of the pot as it uses a water bath for the pot, which is stainless steel also so no toxic non-stick coating touches the rice.
Can also steam other foods and cook stews etc. Optional larger steamer trays available as well.

A bit pricey, but after having to repair or replace those old style, thermoswitch button type electric rice cookers, hoping the Tatung will last longer!

No beeping noises or complex programs to work out, unlike 'InstantPot' or those fancy Pressure RiceCookers.

They make sizes for Families or individuals too. A bit of dependability in this crazy World we live in!