24 Hours of World Peace Livestream

24 Hours of World Peace Livestream

Imagine that for just one day, thousands of people around the world gather to dance and play Taiji (Tai Chi) together. No competition. No judgment. No politics. This is World Tai Chi and Qigong Day (WTCQD). April 30th 2016, Taiji lovers around the world will congregate for public demonstrations and free classes, starting in New Zealand at 10am local time, and progressing time zone by time zone, for 24 hours.

Now - imagine that you could see all these events LIVE, as they are happening right from your own computer screen or mobile device. Our project is 24 Hours of World Peace Livestream, a broadcast that will capture and broadcast participants from around the world as WTCQD unfolds across the globe. People everywhere will be able to watch a planet full of events all in one place, presented by our host David-Dorian Ross.

24 Hours of World Peace is more than just a show about Taiji, it is a way of seeing first hand that people from all walks of life can put aside any differences they may have - and for just one day play and dance together, in peace and harmony. Join in and participate or view the livestream on April 30th.

The Tiger Claw Foundation is supporting 24 Hours of World Peace Livestream by hosting it on KungFuMagazine.com. By sure to tune in here on Friday, April 29, to participate!

For more information like us on Facebook at facebook.com/24hoursofworldpeace or visit taijifit.net.

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