Songshan Shaolin (嵩山少林)

After the overwhelming success of last year’s Songshan Shaolin Division, the Tiger Claw Elite Championship is proud to announce that it will continue offering the Songshan Shaolin Division in 2019.  The Songshan Shaolin Division is exclusively for practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu currently taught as part of the common curriculum at the original Shaolin Temple on Songshan (Song Mountain) today.   Once again, this is its own unique division, just like Traditional Kung Fu or Modern Wushu, complete with age and gender divisions and Grand Champions.  The Advanced Grand Champions can compete against Traditional Kung Fu or Modern Wushu for the Overall Grand Championship title. The Songshan Shaolin Division serves the ever-growing community of Shaolin schools in the San Francisco Bay Area connected to the Shaolin Temple, as well as the expanding community worldwide.

The Tiger Claw Elite Championship will be held on May 18-19 2019 in the South Hall of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.   More details to come.

Songshan Shaolin Forms include any of the major forms taught as part of the common curriculum at the original Shaolin Temple on Songshan (Song Mountain) today.  This includes but is not limited to: Xiaohongquan (小洪拳), Dahongquan (大洪拳), Tongbiquan (通臂拳), Liuhequan (六合拳), Changhuxinyimen (长护心意门), Qixingquan (七星拳), Meihuaquan (梅花拳), Lohanquan (羅漢拳), Taizu Changquan (太祖长拳), Paochui (炮捶), Xinyiba (心意把), Tongzigong (童子功) et. al.  This does not include forms that bear the same title which are not descended from Songshan Shaolin.  Embellishments such as aerial movements and movements that are strictly gymnastic are permitted, but DO NOT COUNT towards increasing the score.  If a competitor attempts any such movement and fails, they will be penalized for the failure and will not be credited if they succeed.

Divisions include: Shaolin Fist (嵩山少林 - 拳), Songshan Shaolin Long Weapons (嵩山少林 - 長兵器), Songshan Shaolin Short Weapons (嵩山少林 - 短兵器), Songshan Shaolin Other Weapons (嵩山少林 - 其他兵器)

Age Divisions: A: 6-under, B: 7-8, C: 9-10, D: 11-13, E: 14-17, F: 18-39, G: 40+

Any form descended from Songshan Shaolin MUST compete in the Songshan Shaolin Form division.  Ineligible forms will be determined by the Head Judge. Competitors who violate this rule will be disqualified from the Traditional Kung Fu Forms Division. After disqualification, competitors will be moved to the appropriate Songshan Shaolin Division as long as it has not yet occurred. If that Division has already occurred, the competitor forfeits their entrance fee and right to compete.  Forms that bear the same name as Songshan Shaolin but are completely disconnected from Songshan Shaolin are allowable within the Traditional Kung Fu Forms Division.

To register for the 2019 Tiger Claw Elite Championship, click here. THIS IS A PRE-REGISTRATION TOURNAMENT ONLY. ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE TURNED IN BY MAY 9TH 2019.

For complete 2019 Tiger Claw Elite Championship rules, click here.