Kungfu Magazine 1999 November

Cover Story:
The Weapons of Chop Lay Fut

Tat-Mau Wong on the Southern Arsenal

Wushu-Kungfu for the Next Millennium
Anthony Goh Looks to the Future

From Shaolin to Wing Chun
Wing Chun History According to the Hung Fa Yi Lineage

The Tai Chi Ch'uan Wind-Fire Wheels
A Nearly Lost Chinese Weapon Returns to the Scene

The Weapons of Tai Shing
The Monkey's Arsenal

The Martial Menagerie
Exotic Animal Styles of Kung Fu (Part 2)

The Nan Dao
The Sword of Practical Combat Fighting

Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong Speaks on Tai Chi

Reel Steel or Tin Foil?
How to Buy Quality Chinese Blades and Collecting Modern-made Swords

Bot Cham Doe: The Power of Wing Chun 8 Slash Knives

Meet the US Wushu Team
A Brief Look at America's Top Athletes Going to Hong Kong for the 5th World Wushu Championships

Hsing-I Twelve Animals
Combining Mind, Actions and Nature in Softness and Hardness (Part 2)

Kuan Yin Sitting Qigong
Dragon Flying in the Clouds and Holy Dragon Returning to the Mountains

Canada's Wushu Readies for Hong Kong

1999 Taiji Legacy
Dallas Event Doubles in Size and Highlights Taijiquan's 5 Styles

China vs. USA - The Art of War in Hawaii
Cung Le Headlines Dazzling Night of Sanshou

Tiger's Tale

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