Kungfu Magazine 2000 January


From Shaolin Temple to Bruce Lee-100 Kungfu Styles of the Past Millennium

By Martha Burr and Gene Ching


The Top 10 Recent Events That Will Bring Kungfu Into The Next Millennium
By Gene Ching

Buddha's Kitchen-Cooking With A Purpose
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

A Taoist Winter Diet
By Chu Hok Ting

Twelve Animals-A Brief Intro to your Chinese Horoscope
By Patrick Lugo

Yoga 101-A Beginner's Guide to the 5,000 Year-Old Art of Yoga
By TC Media

Reclaiming My Health From Rare Diabetes
with Qin-Way Qigong
By Lan Ni

Baby Steps to Becoming a Qigong Master
An Introduction to Qigong
By Alvina Hsu and Flora Parhizgari

The Dangling Conversation
By Arthur Rosenfeld

Clouds from Heaven
High Level Stationary Iron Palm Coconut Break Meditation
By James Lacy

Laoshan Taoist Chi Gung for Health-Understanding Chi Gung as a Health Exercise and Science
By Chu Hok Ting

Wu Style Taiji-A History from China to the United States
By Li Li-Qun, translated by Wendy Hsu and David Leong

Shaolin Festival 1999
By Martha Burr

The Top 10 Must See Kungfu Films of the Century!
By TC Media

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